Pee Safe launches Kegel Balls under its Domina range

Pee Safe has been working towards changing the perception around women’s sexual health and sexuality through its products

Delhi, August 26, 2021: Pee Safe, India’s leading hygiene and wellness brand, has launched Kegel Balls under its brand Domina. The round, weighted balls help in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles located in the lower abdominal area. With the Domina range, Pee Safe aims to enable women to embrace their sexual preferences as well as feel confident. The other products in the Domina range includes female condoms and a handheld body massager.

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Women in India lack adequate access to the right information related to sexuality, sexual health, and intimacy. This is where Pee Safe has stepped in to change the narrative and ensure that apart from the information, women also have access to products that enable them to address their sexual health and well-being. The brand is also working towards raising awareness around women’s sexual pleasure, a topic that faces a lot of stigma in India and is hardly discussed.

Speaking about this, Vikas Bagaria, Founder & CEO, Pee Safe, said, “After the female condoms and body massager, we are happy to bring yet another product for women in the Domina range – the Kegel balls. Women, especially those who have given birth, face challenges around their vaginal and pelvic health. There is not much focus on these aspects in India and we want to draw attention to this apart from ensuring that women have access to products that can help them in this regard. The Domina range can be called as a break out category in terms of bringing a sea change in how women’s sexual health and intimacy are understood.”

The Pee Safe Kegel Balls are inserted in the vagina and the muscles contract to keep them in. They prevent urine leakage, assist vaginal health post-childbirth, reduce the risk of pelvic organ prolapse, and enhance vaginal health by increasing blood flow. Once you are familiar and at ease with them, you can take it a notch up by resuming regular activities like walking, running etc.

Domina Kegel Balls are made of medical-grade silicon, are reusable, and travel-friendly. They come in 3 variants – 38 g, 44 g, and 62 g. You can choose the lower weighted ball and slowly shift to heavier ones. They are also safe to use since they are made of BPA-Free material and can be washed and reused.

Pee Safe also recently launched an online platform named The Pleasure Playbook by Domina. The idea is to build a safe and exclusive community for women to hold conversations on personal topics such as sex, health and wellness.

Pee Safe is the leading hygiene and wellness brand in India that constantly endeavours to enhance public health through bold, topical and pan-India digital initiatives on menstrual hygiene methods and need as well as the role of intimate and personal hygiene. Pee Safe’s online business has seen a 40% jump in the current quarter and the brand has achieved over 70% growth annually (FY20-21).

Apart from raising $10 million in series B funding, Pee Safe is looking at expanding its retail presence from the current 10,000 stores to having a few franchise-owned brand exclusive stores (FOFO) to enhance customer experience across India. They have already expanded overseas and are building local production of toilet seat sanitizers in Europe.

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