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South Asian Liver transplant programme makes history in Mumbai

South Asian Liver transplant programme makes history in MumbaiMumbai, May 2, 2024: Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central, in collaboration with the South Asian Liver Institute, is thrilled to announce the remarkable success of our latest endeavour: the first-ever Early Recovery Program (ERP) in Mumbai. This program marks a significant milestone in medical innovation, offering hope to patients worldwide while addressing the financial strain of liver transplantation. Furthermore, this surgery between spouses proves the profound impact of each other’s support, showcasing how acts of love transcend boundaries to save lives..

Professor Dr Tom Cherian, the director of the transplant program at Wockhardt hospitals Mumbai Central, has a personal experience of over 700 Liver transplants, of which 400 odd were completed in London, UK. He worked in KINGS College Hospital, London and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham for over 15 years before starting the transplant programs in India.

Elaborating on the program, Professor Dr Tom Cherian remarked, “Sending a liver transplant patient home on day seven and a donor on day six is no joke. Careful and meticulous planning is essential to achieving such success rates. Such innovations are a marker of high quality in medical care because without excellence in all aspects of surgery, intensive care, and preparation, such discharges are not possible.”

Speaking on the exceptional speed of patient recovery, surpassing industry norms, Dr Virendra Chauhan, Centre Head, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central, commented, “As pioneers in healthcare, we are immensely proud to launch Mumbai’s first-ever Early Recovery Program for liver transplant patients. This milestone not only reflects our commitment to innovation but also underscores our dedication to providing the highest quality care. By introducing this ground-breaking initiative, we are revolutionizing patient recovery in our city and setting a new standard for excellence in medical treatment.”

Several technical aspects contributed to making this achievement possible. Professor Dr Tom Cherian explained, “Firstly, meticulous surgery employing advanced and modern techniques has significantly reduced blood loss during operations, thereby eliminating the necessity for blood transfusions. Secondly, pre-operative optimization of patients, including instruction in skills such as spirometry, has facilitated faster recovery in the post-operative phase. Thirdly, the utilization of a sophisticated drainage system for the new liver graft ensures optimal functionality from the outset. Lastly, the adoption of up-to-date techniques in critical care, particularly in enhancing recovery in the ICU, has enabled patients to be discharged within one week.”

Mrs. Tina Taku, the donor, and Mr. Anchu Rimo, the recipient, are overwhelmed with gratitude for this second chance at life, and they extend heartfelt thanks to Professor Dr Tom Cherian for his invaluable support. In expressing her profound appreciation, Tina remarked, “Words cannot capture the depth of our gratitude. This gift of life has touched us beyond measure, and we are forever indebted to Professor Dr Tom Cherian and his team for their unwavering dedication and expertise.”

Explaining her remarkable decision to step forward as a donor, even after the original donor backed out due to family pressure, shines a light on her extraordinary courage and commitment. Despite being a devoted mother of four, Tina bravely took on the responsibility, demonstrating unwavering faith and determination in the face of adversity.

Despite being in its early stages, the program has already shown remarkable promise. The hospital and its team are keen to expand their outreach efforts to regions like the northeast India, recognizing the potential for increased patient engagement from these areas.

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