Why it is important to wear masks in Winter Season

By Mr. Joy Chatterjee, GM, Sales and Marketing, Mankind Pharma

This is the time of the year when pollution levels rise due to various reasons and the air turns toxic. As per a study based on 2016 data, 51% of the pollution is caused by industrial pollution, 27 % by vehicles, 17% by crop burning and 5% by other sources. Every year, we worry about how to fight the smog and deterioration of air quality levels. Air pollution contributes to the premature deaths of 2 million Indians every year.

The air we breathe is getting terrible day by day and it impacts our overall health, especially older people, children and pregnant women. The rise in air pollution is affecting children’s brains and as per reports, pregnant women who are exposed to polluted air are more likely to give birth prematurely and have small, low birth-weight children.

Why it is important to wear masks in Winter Season

Delhi is the major city to be affected by the emission from Vehicles and industries, dust and weather patterns, making it the most polluted city. The more the level of pollution is, the lesser our level of immunity will be and this will impact the overall health of an individual. The worldwide pandemic has hit us in 2020 and at the start of this festive season, the health experts have warned us that there will be a surge in COVID19 cases. A  large number of people gathered to celebrate the festivities that increase the chances of an increase in COVID 19 cases in India. We saw markets being overcrowded and there has been an increase in social interactions between groups of people.

As per the experts, there are predictions that there can be a surge in COVID19 cases in India in the next 2 to 3 weeks. The only way we can stop this chain is to ensure that each one of us is wearing masks, maintaining social distance and doing hand hygiene strictly.

Last year, Mankind Pharma, one of the leading Pharmaceutical companies in India, launched N95 Face Masks under its umbrella brand SafeKind. These masks are of their kind masks with ProGuard 5 layer protection technology. It is a skin-friendly mask whose filtration efficiency of 5 layers will help block out PM2.5 air pollutants like allergens, viruses, bacteria, dust, droplets and other harmful particles in the air, with at least 95 percent Bacteria Filtration Efficacy.

The masks are made in India and one can wear this mask without worrying about anything as each and every SafeKind face mask is Sanitised by Ultra-Violet Germicidal light and packed with Deodorized Activated Carbon which gives a soothing fragrance.

The ongoing COVID-19 significantly affects not only human health but affects the wealth of the country’ economy and the everyday routine of human life. To control the spread of the virus, face masks are used as primary protectors.

Neel Achary

Neel Achary

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