Horror and Thriller book by Writer – AVISHEK CHATTOPADHYAY

Night is the ideal time to read Horror or Thriller books. However, those with a faint heart should not even try to read Avishek Chattopadhyay’s horror mystery novel “Tero Nombor Floor” published by Abhijan Publishers during the night. No, this is not a trick to ramp up sales of the book. But if you don’t believe the same, try reading the book. This novel is an amalgamation of spine chilling horror and creepy mysteries. The writer has beautifully woven the elements of horror and mystery throughout the whole story. Along with this the breath-taking rendition of Rabindra Sangeet in the novel have taken this horror mystery onto a different level. The story of the novel revolves around a simple boy named Mihir. After joining his new office Mihir enters into a dizzy state of mind. A woman’s voice starts luring him. A number of mysterious events start happening around him. Who is calling him? And why?

Horror and Thriller book by Writer - AVISHEK CHATTOPADHYAY

Slowly Mihir realises that he has unknowingly got stuck around the smokes of a deep mystery that goes past one era. He has no way to escape. Time and again he is lured by a harmonic voice of a mysterious woman, whom Mihir doesn’t know. However, she knows everything about Mihir. What is the mystery? A number of mishaps start happening in Mihir’s office. Not only Mihir, even his wife and his one and a half years old child becomes a victim of that horrifying deceitful woman. A number of events from the past start getting revealed one after the other in front of Mihir and death is lurking at the end of each and every step. But Mihir needs to take a stand in order to save the lives of everyone he loves. He himself is the only way to free everyone from the grasp of the mysterious woman.

You must be thinking that you have come to know about the solution to Mihir’s problem, right? Believe me, no you have not understood anything yet. Because while reading the novel you won’t be able to understand what is the reason behind “TERO NOMBOR FLOOR” (13th Floor).

Though there are so many floors. At the time of reading the novel you may think that this kind of story has been written a number of times in the past. But the more you move towards the end of the novel you will realise how much wrong you have thought about the same. And this was achieved by the strong writing skills of the newcomer novelist. One would not be able to understand that various events from our everyday lives can be knitted in such a great story without reading this novel. This novel is a must try for people who love horror as well as for those who love mystery. The first edition of the novel was published in February 2021, and then within a span of 4 months the second edition of the novel was published, out of which half of the copies were already exhausted. This novel can be finished at one breath and all credit for the same goes to its fascinating storyline. The writer has also added a surprise in the last few lines of the novel.

TERO NOMBOR FLOOR (13th Floor) book has written by AVISHEK CHATTOPADHYAY and Published by Abhijan Publishers. The price of the book Rs.200/-

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