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51st Annual National Conference of IAPSMCON 2024 Inaugurated at Kasturba Medical College Mangalore

Mangalore, 10th February 2024: The 51st Annual National Conference of the Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine (IAPSMCON 2024) was inaugurated at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, setting the stage for three days of insightful discussions and knowledge exchange.

Hosted by the Department of Community Medicine at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, the conference commenced on 8th February and will continue till 10th February 2024 at the Dr. T M A Pai International Convention Center, Mangalore. Pre-conference workshops were held on 6th and 7th February 2024 to enrich the participants’ experience.

The inaugural function witnessed the esteemed presence of Chief Guest Dr. R Balasubramaniam, Member-Human Resources, Capacity Building Commission of India, Government of India, and was presided over by Dr. H S Ballal, Pro Chancellor, MAHE. Guests of Honour included Lt. Gen. (Dr.) M. D. Venkatesh, Vice Chancellor, MAHE, Dr. A M Kadri, National President, IAPSM, Dr. Purushottam Giri, Secretary General, IAPSM, and Dr. B Unnikrishnan, Dean KMC, Mangalore. The conference was organized under the able leadership of Dr. Rekha T, Professor and Head of Community Medicine, KMC Mangalore, as the Organizing Chairperson, and Dr. Ramesh Holla as the Organizing Secretary.

During the inaugural event, experts deliberated on the theme ‘Transformations for achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Innovate, Integrate, Implement,’ emphasizing the imperative of collaborative efforts to overcome challenges and make significant progress towards a sustainable and equitable future by 2030.

Speaking at the event, Chief Guest Dr R Balasubramaniam, Member-Human Resources, Capacity Building Commission of India, Government of India, commented, “Preventive and social medicine is a dedication to creating healthier communities and a better future for future generations, not just a field of study. As we come together to talk about and reflect on important public health concerns, let’s keep in mind that prevention is the key to promoting wellness and equity as well as minimizing sickness. By placing a high value on prevention and promoting social responsibility, we can build a society in which every person has access to high-quality healthcare and the chance to live a happy and meaningful life. Let’s travel together in the direction of a more just and healthy future.”

Dr. H. S. Ballal, Pro Chancellor, MAHE, reiterated MAHE’s commitment to sustainability and excellence in quality, Lt. Gen. (Dr.) M. D. Venkatesh, Vice Chancellor, MAHE, said, “As we gather here for the Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine’s Annual National Conference, we reaffirm our dedication to promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and pushing public health objectives. To address the urgent health issues facing our country, this meeting provides a forum for knowledge exchange, the sharing of best practices, and the formation of partnerships. As we set out on this joint project, let’s make the most of advocacy, innovation, and research to advance preventative care, fortify healthcare systems, and enhance community wellbeing. Let’s work together to create a future where everyone is healthier and more resilient. I look forward to listening to more insightful lectures and presentations on coming two days and wishing everyone the best.”

The inaugural event of IAPSMCON 2024 served as a platform for researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders to exchange knowledge, ideas, and best practices in the field of public health. Through engaging debates, educational workshops, and fruitful collaborations, the conference aims to drive positive change and promote the well-being of communities across the country, ultimately contributing to healthier futures for generations to come

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