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Appleman’s Near Death: Blending Bible Truths, Personal Stories to Promote Devotion

Appleman's Near Death

New York, NY, April 03, 2024 – “Near Death”: a powerful testimony that will empower others in their pursuit of God. “Near Death” is the creation of published author, Appleman.

Appleman shares, “The human race needs to do exactly as it is prescribed in the Bible, as I explain in my book. We need to turn swords into plowshares, and we need to turn all nuclear weapons into AI computerized robots that can maneuver into space and attach any asteroids that might pose a threat to earth. These powerful robots can guide dangerous asteroids into safe orbits so they cannot collide with other asteroids or with earth.

“According to nuclear physicists, our sun will last another five billion years. Consequentially, we need to guarantee that our planet earth can last another five billion years as well.

“Most likely, man will have developed intergalactic travel in less than one billion years. Then we can prove our love of life and our love of our creator by demonstrating to Him and to all fellow inhabitants of our universe a good and peacefully loving example.

“Several years ago, a special friend told me, ‘All the answers to life are in the Bible.’ Very true—you just have to see the rhetorical answers through God’s eyes. My out-of-body experience gave me a sneak preview of what God sees 24/7.

“It was like viewing a live picture show in St. Vincent’s Chapel. I witnessed from above while Dad was pushing my wheelchair up to a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a chapel full of soft enveloping light. Then instantaneously my spirit went back into my body. Due to the fact that I had eleven days rest and because of temporary amnesia, I had forgotten all my problems. I felt 100 percent wonderful. This day, January 3, 1967, was the best day of my life. However, four and a half years later, I encountered an even better day. On July 2, 1971, I met my wife. That was my first day in paradise.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Appleman’s new book will challenge readers to reflect on what God has asked of us.

Consumers can purchase “Near Death” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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