Converse India celebrates the diverse musical talent of the country with ‘CWTU – Connect with the Unexpected’ Campaign

April 16, 2024, India: Converse India reveals “Connect with the Unexpected” – a vibrant journey that ignites the creative spirit across India, aiming to weave a grassroots network of emerging creatives. This campaign is a tribute to the rich tapestry of Indian music, celebrating culture and self-expression.


At the core of this special project is an amalgamation of diverse music genres: Hindustani Classical, Multilingual Rap, Funk, R&B, Jazz, and Blues, with dashes of Pop, Beatboxing, Desi Hip Hop, and Indie. This melting pot of sounds creates an alchemy of styles, giving birth to music that’s unexpected and unique.

Delving deep into India’s underbelly of music, the campaign invites creators who embody raw, unfiltered artistry. These emerging artists, brimming with talent, join hands to create 4 original tracks that carry personal narratives of special journeys filled with strife and fearlessness. The compositions are a testament to the power of collaboration, where unexpected connections foster innovation and originality.

The campaign’s message is clear: there are no boundaries to creativity. Inviting artists from all walks of life who are reflective of Converse’s ideology of free-spirited expression and uninhibited ambition, we’re putting emerging talent on the map, introducing their music to a wealth of listeners the world over. The campaign alludes to the brand’s eye for untapped potential with a pulse on cultural currency and a proclivity to always speak to the zeitgeist.


Under the banner of Converse India’s ‘Connect with the Unexpected’, these collaborations highlight the diverse and dynamic nature of India’s contemporary music scene, bringing together artists of varied backgrounds and styles in a celebration of creativity.

Nanku x Karun

Nanku, a 24-year-old music maven from New Delhi, infuses his unique brand of music with his experiences in remixing and songwriting about self-realization. His album “Nanku Sharma” remains a favorite, with hits like ‘Kaafizyada’ and ‘5 min’ demonstrating his innovative take on Indian Pop Music. Collaborating with Karun, a Delhi-born poet and songwriter, whose journey began with notebook scribbles and evolved into emotion-charged songs, this duo represents a creative force. Karun’s albums ‘Granth’ and ‘Qabool Hai’ showcase his versatility and vulnerability, making this partnership a blend of lyrical depth and inventive sounds.

Krameri x Dhanji

Kramer, a student of A R Rahman, brings a fresh perspective to music creation. With 10 singles, 2 albums, and 4 EPs since her 2019 debut, her sound is constantly evolving. Dhanji, an Ahmedabad city native, is known for his vivid, narrative-rich rap verses. His prolific output includes 7 mixtapes in 3 years and the upcoming album ‘Ruab’. This collaboration between Krameri’s innovative soundscapes and Dhanji’s rap artistry promises to be a unique musical experience.

Pho x Bagi Munda

Pho, a beatboxer, singer, and songwriter, has been immersed in the art world for most of her life. Her transition from beatboxing to songwriting and singing has made her a notable figure in the Delhi music circuit. Bagi Munda, a Chandigarh-based rapper and visual artist, is known for his impact on the local hip-hop culture. His album “Dusvipass” and his work with the UNDERPASS crew have made him a symbol of creative resilience. Their partnership is a collision of styles resulting in a high octane and gritty number.

The Siege x Aksomaniac

The Siege, a Mumbai-based rapper, has made his mark with the album “Bubble Car,” chronicling his personal growth. His influence in the underground hip-hop scenes of Mumbai and Delhi is substantial. Aksomaniac, an engineering student and trained pianist from Trivandrum, brings a mix of R&B, Jazz, Blues, and Pop to the table. This collaboration melds The Siege’s raw rap narrative with Aksomaniac’s melodious versatility, creating an intriguing musical fusion.

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