Inauguration Of 3 Semiconductor in India by PM Modi

Inauguration Of 3 Semiconductor in India by PM Modi

6th April 2024: Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, has ceremonially inaugurated the outsourced semiconductor assembly and testing facility, alongside two additional semiconductor projects in Gujarat and Assam. These initiatives are spearheaded by the CG Group, a subsidiary of the Murugappa Group, in collaboration with Renesas Electronics Corporation of Japan and Star Microelectronics of Thailand.

The “India’s Techade” project is strategically aimed at bolstering artificial intelligence, 5G technology, computing advancements, wireless communication, and data storage to meet evolving demands. With a substantial budget of 1.25 trillion, allocated for “India’s Techade – Chips for Bikash Bharat,” these three semiconductor ventures are integral to the development of a robust semiconductor and display manufacturing ecosystem in India. Construction of these facilities is set to commence within the next 100 days, marking a significant leap forward in India’s technological landscape.

The project was initially announced on December 21, 2021, with a budget of 76,000 crore. Subsequently, in June 2023, the Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, officially approved the project, signalling a pivotal step towards its realization.

The Dholera project in Gujarat, spearheaded by Tata Electronic Private Limited (TEPL), stands as a testament to India’s burgeoning technological aspirations. Positioned as a cornerstone of innovation and development, this ambitious endeavour aims to propel Gujarat’s technological landscape to unprecedented heights. With TEPL at the helm, the project is poised to harness cutting-edge technologies, driving advancements in semiconductor manufacturing and bolstering the nation’s self-reliance in this critical sector. Similarly, in Assam, another significant initiative unfolds under TEPL’s guidance, marking a milestone in the state’s technological evolution.

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