International Yoga Day – 21st June 2024

International Yoga Day - 21st June 2024
Dr Deepthi Tharlapally

International Yoga Day takes place every year on the 21st of June and it has become a worldwide craze that brings together millions of people from various parts of the world to do yoga. As a yoga instructor, I have seen how yoga influences people of all ages in ways that are profound. The content of this write-up examines the way generations past did their yoga versus what is happening now and what the future holds for this ancient practice. In earlier times, India’s spiritualism was deeply ingrained with Yoga as a major phenomenon.  Most often these teachings were handed down through families’ generation after generation or directly transmitted by gurus to their disciples. Thus in the former years, yoga was mostly considered a way to ascend spiritually, with great emphasis on meditation, mantras and other forms of spiritual practices aimed at bringing one closer to his or her higher self or even universe itself. It aimed at integrating physical postures (asanas), breath control (pranayama), meditation, ethical principles (yamas and niyamas) promoting balance and harmony within one’s body-mind i.e., holistically oriented concept.

At present yoga has gone beyond its initial boundaries and become a famous health practice that is performed globally by people from all walks of life who want to get a number of physical, psychological, and emotional advantages. In recent times yoga is commonly linked with fitness, stress management as well as clear thinking with many individuals embarking on it to take care of their body flexibility, power, and general healthiness. Yoga studios online classes and apps have made the practice accessible for millions around the world breaking its traditional limits and opening it up to anyone who wants to try it out. The contemporary face of yoga encompasses numerous styles such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga or Yin Yoga that target different needs and desires. This diversity allows practitioners to find a style that suits their individual goals and abilities. Moreover, scientific research has authenticated lots of benefits associated with yoga like enhanced flexibility, strength and mental wellbeing since various studies have shown that yoga can be used in reducing stresses, anxiety levels or even depression hence being an important tool in maintaining mental fitness.

By taking into account specific health conditions, fitness levels and personal goals, personalized yoga plans will ensure that practitioners get better outcomes and maintain consistency in their practice. Through online yoga communities and virtual classes, technology will allow yogis from across the globe to interact in real-time, exchange stories and learn from one another thus creating a sense of global unity and support. Yoga’s holistic benefits spanning physical health, mental well-being, emotional tranquillity among others are likely to continue being emphasized upon even in future versions depending on new scientific discoveries or wellness trends enhancing overall wellness.

today’s international yoga day is an exciting time to reflect on how much the ancient discipline has evolved into a global practice, and to project the vibrant future of such a system. By respecting the deep roots of yoga while adding new forms, we can ensure that this age-old tradition remains vibrant and thrives over time. Namaste!

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