IT Minister D Sridhar Babu graces as Chief Guest at a Rotary Installation meeting

Hyderabad, July 1, 2024……D. Sridhar Babu, IT Minister graces as a Chief Guest at Rotary Club of Hyderabad North 61st Installation on Sunday morning at Hotel Golconda.


The new office bearers were sworn in under the leadership of BRV Susheel Kumar as a New Preside for the year 2024 and 2025.

The IT Minister as a symbolic gesture handed over six bicycles to over six bicycles at a ZPHS School in Wanaparthy District. He also handed over a cheque to Anandeshwari towards her school fees for the entire year.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. D. Sridhar Babu said the new president BRV Susheel Kumar is an efficient bureaucrat. He is becoming a President of the Rotary Club is a very good thing. The government would like to partner with Rotary. Politicians serve the society differently. But, on that premise, they won’t vote. Public representatives have to go to the public once in 5 years to get their faith revived. Unlike us, officers like Susheel Kumar continue to serve till they retire.

Rotary members put their precious time and effort in service. The motto of public service has changed now. It is marketing-driven or individual-driven now. And it is not community-driven, the minister said. Rotary inculcates the culture of service, It inculcates the value of goodness. Values are normally taught by parents. But we forget them on our long journey. With a bureaucrat like him at the helm of affairs at Rotary, I am sure society is going to benefit immensely.

On the government front, it is seven months since we came into power. But, the precious few months have gone by in Parliament elections. Now we have changed our gear. We are working with speed. Let Rotary partner with us on the progressive things. So that we will work together for better Telangana in the next five years. Mr. Navin Mittal, Principal Secretary, Govt of Telangana also graced the occasion.

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