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“Life has turned over for Rajat”: Shine Pandey on his character in Amazon miniTV’s Dehati Ladke

Mumbai December 21,2023: – Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service recently released a coming-of-age drama, Dehati Ladke. The show follows the journey of Rajat Raj Singh Chauhan (essayed by Shine Pandey) as he ventures into city life from his hometown in pursuit of his aspirations. Rajat struggles to uphold his commitments to his parents despite the allure of urban life. It is adapted from Shashank Bharatiya’s acclaimed Hindi novel of the same name.

Rajat is portrayed by Shine Pandey, who encounters romance, university life, and camaraderie throughout the film. Sharing about his character from the show, the actor said, “Rajat comes from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Gonda, and he moves to Lucknow to prepare for UPSC and become an IAS officer. He has a lot of expectations to fulfill for his family, and the entire village, everyone is looking forward to him. He is determined to make it big and achieve his dreams. But obviously, it’s not that easy. Life doesn’t always give you what you want. He meets lots of new people in Lucknow and a new story begins”.

Further elaborating on this he added, “Rajat meets a lot of people as he joins his college, he befriends Shashank, Yuvan and eventually meets Prerna. He also interacts with Chhaya and Prashant Bhaiya. So, things have become difficult for Rajat because he didn’t expect this change in his life. After all, everything is very new. And it is not at all close to what he had lived earlier. So everything is very new for him. He eventually evolves, and a great deal of confusion arises within his head. While watching the show, you’ll see him talking to himself often, trying to understand the mess around him.”

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