Swiggy Launches ‘Eatlists’: A Brand-New Way To Discover And Share Food Suggestions

New Delhi, July 5th, 2024Swiggy, India’s pioneering on-demand convenience platform, announced the launch of ‘Eatlists’ – a global- first feature in food delivery, to transform how users discover and share food recommendations. Like creating and sharing music playlists, Swiggy’s Eatlists empower food enthusiasts to curate and share their favourite dishes directly within the Swiggy app.

The right food at the right moment

According to Swiggy’s in-app insights, 58% of users need help with indecision when selecting meals. Additionally, 68% of users rely on recommendations from friends and peers, navigating multiple platforms for reviews and orders, resulting in a fragmented and time-consuming process. In response to these common struggles, Swiggy aims to simplify the process of discovering, saving, and sharing food recommendations within its app, offering users unparalleled convenience and choice.

Key benefits of Eatlists:

· All your favourites in one place: Users can create themed lists of their favourite dishes for easier browsing

· Seamless sharing: Share curated Eatlists with other food lovers, enabling them to discover new dishes and restaurants!

· Instant access: Access lists created by users or others, ensuring a continuous stream of food recommendations.

Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Food Marketplace Swiggy, said, “Before social media and other digital channels, food was the original form of community building. Sharing meals brought people together. Eatlists brings the best of both worlds: the ability to create and share your food identity with the world while discovering new favourite dishes through thousands of Eatlists curated by fellow food lovers and experts, both in your city and beyond.”

How it works:

Users can start creating Eatlists by tapping the bookmark icon against their favourite dishes and saving them under different Eatlists. They can name their list anything from “Weekend Treats”, “ The answer is always Biryani”, “Let’s get this party started” to “Healthy Bites”. Once the list is curated, users can share it with friends and family directly through social media apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. They can also browse Eatlists created by others, such as “Late-night Cravings in Mumbai” or “Top Street Foods in Delhi”, making meal choices more social and fun.

The Eatlists feature will also be available on the Swiggy user’s food home page as well as their profile page, ready to be created, shared and relished.

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