3DXB Group Commends Insights and Innovation from Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

Dubai, UAE, 02 May 2024 – 3DXB Group, a leading construction company at the forefront of sustainable building solutions, commends the invaluable insights and innovative ideas shared during the recent Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week stands as a source of inspiration, bringing together visionaries, problem solvers, and industry leaders to explore groundbreaking solutions for a sustainable future. Through insightful discussions and pioneering initiatives, the event catalyzes positive change in the realm of sustainability and renewable energy.

Chairman 3DXB GROUP

“At 3DXB Group, we recognize the importance of platforms like the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in driving innovation and fostering collaboration towards a more sustainable world. The insights and ideas shared during the event resonate deeply with our commitment to advancing sustainable construction practices” said Badar Rashid AlBlooshi, Chairman of 3DXB Group.

3DXB Group has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the construction industry through its innovative use of 3D printing technology. Employing advanced methodologies, the company has accomplished a multitude of projects with a primary focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. From eco-friendly housing developments to energy-efficient infrastructure, 3DXB Group’s portfolio exemplifies its dedication to creating a greener built environment with its recent achievement of a Guinness World Record for the largest 3D-printed villa in the world.

“Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility we share in shaping a more sustainable future for generations to come,” added AlBlooshi. “As we reflect on the key takeaways from the event, we are inspired to redouble our efforts in pioneering innovative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable built environment.”

3DXB Group remains committed to advancing sustainable construction practices, reducing environmental impact, and driving positive change within the construction industry. The company looks forward to continuing its collaboration with like-minded partners and stakeholders to accelerate the transition towards a greener and more resilient future.

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