8 things every bride should know before going for their wedding lehenga shopping

8 things every bride should know before going for their wedding lehenga shoppingAaliya Deeba, founder of Ideebs London, a Couture Label

Wedding day is such one day that every girl dream of. It is one such function where you only don’t shop for one function but many functions from haldi to mehendi to the wedding to reception. Every bride’s wishes to have the most unique and special dress for their ‘D Day’ but with so much work and preparations, it gets difficult for the bride to choose the right dress for her.

Some tips a bride should remember before going for her lehenga shopping are-

Set a budget

Plan a budget for yourself before going out for shopping. It would be really helpful if you make rough idea of how much you have to spent on your lehenga, jewellery, and other accessories so that when you go to buy the dress you must inform the shopkeeper beforehand about your budget.

Do not take too much people along with you

Try to keep a limited people with whom you go out for shopping as too much people. Taking too many people with you will initiate different opinions and create more and more confusion about the selection of your dress.

Keep in mind the color choices

Color selection is a very problematic aspect while choosing your wedding dress. Keep 1-2 colors selected in your mind so when you look for your dress you do not face much confusion about color selection. Choosing the right color for yourself will make you look the best on your wedding day.

Know your body type and complexion

Not every person can wear the same design, pattern, or color. Different things suit different people. Being aware about your body type and complexion will make your shopping much easier and you will easily find the perfect fit and color for yourself. 

Make a list of designers and marketplace

Before leaving for shopping be truly aware about the places you need to head for your wedding shopping. Find a place where designers and your preference will easily be accessible so you don’t have to go from one market to another. 

Don’t pick the very first one

Usually, in excitement the bride-to-be tend the settle for the very first dress that are shown to them but don’t do that, explore a little, see more and more choices and look for every aspect in the dress according to your needs.

Try the lehenga

Make sure that you try your lehenga as it may help to have a clear vision about the dress and how it looks upon you. Trying the lehenga will tell you about the fittings as well as other necessary items needed in it.

Keep in mind your jewellery and footwears

When buying your dress do keep in mind your jewellery and footwears so that you can color coordinate and let everything complement each other. Already purchased jewellery will help you in deciding the perfect neckline for yourself.

Now you are well aware of what to keep in mind while shopping for your wedding lehenga, do not go for impulsive buying explore for choices as much as you can and find the perfect fit for you.

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