Alpha Healing Center launches Alpha Partner program

Alpha Healing Center launches Alpha Partner programMay 04 2023: Alpha Healing Center, one of India’s leading state-of-the-art de-addiction recovery center has announced the launch of its novel Alpha Partner Program (APP). Under the mutually beneficial referral program, partners will have the opportunity to earn commissions for referring de-addiction clients to the center. This will not only help partners generate revenue but also significantly contribute to society’s general welfare by helping people suffering from addictions recover and their families.

Aimed at numerous stakeholders in the health and healing space medical personnel including doctors and nurses working with individuals plagued with addictions, the program will also target psychologists and therapists specializing in treating addiction and related mental health issues as well as marketers and medical tourism companies who wish to promote Alpha Healing Center’s services to their clients. Additionally, individuals who make successful recoveries can also cite their services across their network of friends, families, and acquaintances to help them reclaim their lives and achieve temperance.

Commenting on the program, Atul Vaya,Chief Growth officer of Alpha Healing Center, said, “We are pleased to announce the launch of our coveted Alpha Partner Program. We want to leverage this opportunity not only to enhance our client base but also to shepherd a seminal social transformation across society at large. We are confident that our relentless efforts in resolving various addiction-related issues and helping people embark on the path to recovery and healing will bear significant fruit. Through this initiative, we are simply reiterating our commitment towards enabling people to triumph against all odds and regain their original healthy and addiction-free self.”

In this program, partners can earn commissions ranging up to INR 100K simply by referring two clients on a mensal basis. The collaboration with Alpha Healing Center is also an opportunity for the partners to amplify their brand goodwill and it will also prove instrumental in inspiring a much-needed social change by enabling people suffering from addictions to make the switch towards good health and sobriety. To extend the utmost convenience to their partners, Alpha will take full responsibility for handling the whole admission process while providing constant support to the patient and their families, thereby simplifying and streamlining the overall process.

Interested partners can sign up for the program by contacting the Alpha Healing Center team directly at

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