Ariel University’s Groundbreaking Book Explores the Dynamic Interplay of Religion, Media, and Society in Israel

23 January 2024: RabbisAriel, Israel – Ariel University proudly announces the release of “Rabbis, Reporters & the Public in the Digital Holyland,” a seminal book by Professor Emeritus Yoel Cohen. This publication, set for release by Routledge Publishers, offers an unprecedented exploration into the intricate relationships among rabbis, journalists, and the public, which shape the religious discourse in Israel’s digital age.

Comprehensive and Inclusive Research This book stands out for its comprehensive scope, including the analysis of over 1100 questionnaires from a diverse group of rabbis, journalists from secular and Haredi media, and spokespersons. Its inclusive approach, featuring voices from all religious streams including Reform and Conservative, positions it as a pioneering survey in the Israeli context.

Rich in Content and Insights The book provides a thorough analysis of religion content across four leading Israeli news websites, shedding light on media portrayals and public perceptions of religious issues. Key chapters offer intriguing data on public interest in religion news and the media’s influence on religious leaders, making it a valuable resource for understanding the dynamics at play in the digital media landscape of Israel.

Distinguished Authorship Professor Yoel Cohen, a Full Professor (Emeritus) at Ariel University’s School of Communication, brings his extensive experience and scholarly prowess to this work. His previous influential publications, including “God, Jewish and the Media: Religion and Israel’s Media,” “Spiritual News: Reporting Religion Around the World,” and “The Handbook of Religion & Communication,” underscore his expertise. His roles within the International Association of Media & Communication Research (IAMCR) further attest to his authority in the field.

Engaging and Relevant for Media Professionals This book is particularly relevant for journalists, media professionals, scholars, and rabbis who seek an in-depth understanding of the complex interplay between religion, media, and society in Israel. Its unique perspective and comprehensive research make it an essential resource for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of these dynamics.

Opportunity for Meaningful Dialogue and Insights We at Ariel University believe that this book will be instrumental in sparking insightful discussions and providing new perspectives on the role of religion in media and society. It promises to be an invaluable contribution to the fields of mass communications, media studies, Jewish studies, and beyond.

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