ASIX Unveils New Generation PCIe to Multi I/O Controller

Hsinchu, Taiwan, February 02, 2024 – ASIX Electronics Corporation (TWSE:3169) continues its focus on the industrial Ethernet controllers and I/O interface markets, introducing its newest solutions including AX58400 EtherCAT to IO-Link Master Gateway and ASIX IO-Link Device Software Stack. Today, ASIX unveils the new generation “AX99100A PCIe to Multi I/O (4S, 2S+1P, 2S+SPI, LB) Controller.” The AX99100A provides a cost-effective PCIe to multiple serial/parallel ports & I/O bridge controller solution. With this solution, customers can easily support multiple serial ports, one parallel port, SPI or local bus through the PCIe interface for industrial computers, medical equipment and embedded system applications.

The AX99100A is a PCIe to Multi I/O (4S, 2S+1P, 2S+SPI, LB) Controller that integrates a single-channel (X1) PCIe 2.0 Gen 1 endpoint controller and PHY with a variety of peripherals including four high-speed serial ports, one parallel port, high-speed SPI master, Local Bus (ISA-Like) and 24 GPIOs. Furthermore, it empowers expansion ROM functionalities through an external SPI Flash, facilitating the device initialization process. AX99100A supports four operating modes, namely 4S (PCIe to Quad Serial), 2S+1P (PCIe to Dual Serial and Single Parallel), 2S+SPI (PCIe to Dual Serial and SPI), and LB (PCIe to Local Bus/ISA-Like). It is suitable for various I/O interface connectivity applications such as PCIe serial/parallel cards, PCIe data acquisition (DAQ) cards, industrial computers, industrial automation equipment, measurement instrumentation equipment, medical devices, POS terminals and industrial embedded systems.

ASIX Electronics provides a series of evaluation boards for AX99100A PCIe to 4S, 2S+1P, 2S+SPI, and Local Bus applications. To expedite the product development timelines, ASIX provides a complete set of hardware and software design archives, including schematics, PCB layout files, hardware design guides, device drivers, and software utilities. Please visit the ASIX website: or contact ASIX Electronics Corp. via e-mail: for more information.

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