Azure MACC Credits Gathering Dust? Use Them to Get the Best Prevention-First Security

By Nikki Ralston, Product Marketing, Threat Detection

As we enter 2024, your organization may have unused MACC or Azure commit-to-consume (CtC) credits as your annual renewal date draws near. These credits are “use them or lose them”—but the good news is that you can now transform those unused credits into an additional layer of AI-powered security that can prevent more stealthy attacks.

Whether you have credits that will soon expire or are starting to plan your Azure spend for the next 12 months, Check Point Horizon XDR/XPR now offers you a way to gain all the benefits of Microsoft’s cloud cost commitment framework—both its MACC and CtC programs. Horizon XDR/XPR also gives you industry-leading, prevention-first threat detection and response across all your Azure and hybrid environments.

What Is Horizon XDR/XPR?

Most security and SOC teams today are overwhelmed by a deluge of notifications and alerts that can quickly turn into a meaningless blur. Many use an extended detection and response (XDR) platform to help cut through the noise so they can focus their attention on the most severe alerts.

Traditional XDR focuses on detection but stops short of prevention. This is why Check Point takes a prevention first approach with Horizon extended prevention and response (XPR)—a single, unified platform that can detect known threats and prevent unknown zero-day threats so that your organization is less exposed to attacks.

Horizon XDR/XPR is an automated, AI-driven platform for threat detection and response for Azure and beyond. And it’s built around a prevention-first model that keeps you safe against ransomware, phishing, drive-by malware, and more.

The platform correlates multiple data sets to give you prevention-first security, immediately identifying and reducing risks for Azure and beyond. Horizon XDR/XPR also stops threats from laterally moving across devices, identities, applications, data, and workloads, as well as Azure and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Horizon complements the capabilities of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, giving you:

Comprehensive threat detection and prevention across your entire security estate

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by consolidating threat management for efficient investigation and response

Rapid time to value (TTV) with fast onboarding, easy deployment, and pre-tuned mechanisms

Horizon XDR/XPR stops attacks on all fronts with event correlation powered by AI and the industry’s best threat intelligence, driven by Check Point’s ThreatCloud AI. ThreatCloud AI is a global network of threat sensors and organizations exchanging threat data and collaborating to combat modern malware.

It aggregates, correlates, and analyzes indicators of compromise to give you meaningful warnings—before it’s too late.

And now, Horizon XDR/XPR is also available through the Azure Marketplace and is eligible for purchase using your leftover MACC funds.

What Is MACC?

Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) and Azure Commit to Consume (CtC) contracts give organizations preferential pricing for Azure when they commit to a minimum cloud spend over the contract period.

Beyond better pricing, MACC and CtC let orgs predict and manage cloud costs, creating budget transparency that helps them align cloud investments with business objectives. But in both cases, there are often funds left over at the end of the contract period (because nobody wants to under-commit).

Rather than let those funds go unused, you can now use your MACC funds to purchase Horizon XDR/XPR and integrate it seamlessly with your Microsoft Defender platform for better security and cost savings.

(The fine print: This applies only to qualifying Azure agreements, only when purchased through the Azure Marketplace. Contact your Microsoft representative for details and to see if you qualify.)

Here’s How to Get Started…

Horizon XDR/XPR from Check Point gives you game-changing security to protect and defend all your assets, across Azure and beyond.

You’ll get comprehensive, consolidated, and collaborative security—now with MACC eligibility so you can optimize your security spending and maximize the value of your Azure investment at the same time.

Thinking about dusting off those unused MACC credits to improve security? Then head over to the Azure Marketplace to add an extra layer of AI powered security with Horizon XDR/XPR. Follow the MACC instructions to determine how to use your credits to purchase Horizon XDR/XPR or contact your Microsoft representative.

If you’re not already using Horizon XDR/XPR, it’s time to get the industry’s best prevention-first security. Get in touch for a free demo of Horizon XDR/XPR today.

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