Bangalore Creative Circus to Echo with “Home SOS: Sounds of Sustainability”

Award-winning musician and environmental advocate Sushma Soma unveils “Home SOS: Sounds of Sustainability“, an immersive and thought-provoking performance that goes beyond just a musical experience. It is a powerful call to action for saving our ‘home’, our planet, through simple shifts in conscious, earth-friendly choices and enhanced empathy for nature, wildlife, and the environment.


Carefully curated to engage the audience with a captivating blend of music, the 2.5 hour performance is interspersed with stories that vividly depict the contrasting facets of our beautiful and sorrowful HOME, Earth. From solo acts to the collective ensemble of musicians standing for inclusivity and diversity, the performance covers a spectrum of emotions, including wonderment, grief, anger, and hypocrisy—capturing humanity’s intricate relationship with the environment.

The brainchild of award-winning musician and environmental advocate Sushma Soma, Home SOS will feature a live production crafted in collaboration with multi-percussionist and music producer Praveen Sparsh, and Bharatanatyam choreographer and dancer Mythili Prakash. The show aims to unite the voices of brands, sustainability-focused organizations, musicians, citizens, non-profit groups, and storytellers who share a deep concern for the planet.

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