BankEdge introduces Finstream program for undergraduate students to join the BFSI sector

Santosh Joshi,Mumbai, June 2, 2023: BankEdge Academy, a renowned institution specializing in Banking and Finance, has recently introduced an innovative three-year course called Finstream. This program is specifically designed for individuals who have completed their 12th standard and are currently pursuing their graduation, with the aim of providing them with early training and guidance for a career in the Banking and Finance industry. The course offers a strong foundation, enabling students to handle on-the-job activities in a more professional and effective manner.

What sets Finstream apart is that it is an online course, allowing students to simultaneously continue their graduate studies. The comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of subjects including Branch Banking, Customer Service, Retail Banking, Credit Management, Trade Finance, Personality Development, and Financial Risk Management.

Santosh Joshi, the CEO of BankEdge, shed light on the reasoning behind the introduction of this course. He explained, “We have noticed that many graduates are actively seeking employment opportunities in the Banking and Finance sectors. However, due to the lack of proper training, they often struggle to secure such jobs.”

He further elaborated that there is significant pressure from families for these graduates to secure employment. Recognizing this need, BankEdge has developed the Finstream course specifically targeting students who have completed their 12th grade and are pursuing graduation.

Upon enrolling in this program, students can seamlessly continue their graduate studies while also completing the Finstream course. Upon completion of the three-year program, students are not only prepared for the job market but have also successfully completed their graduation, providing them with an advantage from day one.

The Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector is experiencing rapid expansion, offering tremendous opportunities for individuals aspiring to build a career in Banking and Finance. In fact, this sector employs more individuals than the IT industry. Banks require a diverse range of professionals to manage operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and develop and maintain digital banking infrastructure.

Joshi emphasized, “While public sector banks are being merged, there is substantial growth in the private sector banking and non-banking financial companies (NBFC) across India. Students who are well-trained have excellent prospects for securing jobs in these banks.”

BankEdge Academy’s Finstream course aims to bridge the gap between traditional education and industry requirements, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic world of Banking and Finance.

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