Be Aware, Be safe with these top Cyber Security Organisations

It is important to be aware of the potential threats to your online security and to take steps to protect yourself and your sensitive information. This can include using strong passwords, keeping your software and devices up to date, and being cautious when clicking on links or downloading attachments.

There are many organizations that focus on cybersecurity and offer resources and tools to help individuals and businesses protect themselves from cyber threats. Here we have listed some of the organizations which can help us to remain cyber-safe in this world of threats

CyberPeace Foundation

CyberPeace Foundation is the world’s first non-profit civil society organization and thinks tank of cyber and policy experts with the vision of pioneering CyberPeace initiatives to build collective resilience against cybercrimes & global threats of cyber warfare. As a pioneer in CyberPeace advocacy, CPF is on a mission to promote “Technology for Good” beyond borders.

CyberPeace Foundation is involved in Policy Advocacy, Research, and Training related to all aspects of cyberspace and CyberSecurity. Key areas of CyberPeace Foundation work are in Technology Governance, Policy Review, Advocacy, Capacity and Capability creation, and building through partnerships with various government organizations, academic institutions, and civil society entities.

CyberVeer Foundation

The CyberVeer Foundation (Cyber Crime NGO) aims at creating a cyber-secure nation where each citizen is safeguarded against cybercrimes. We believe that security and welfare in today’s times need to be as much online as offline. The foundation aims to achieve social welfare using information technology. Through it, we aim to make all citizens cyber warriors who can successfully deal with the challenges that come with the advancement in technology. The Cyber Crime NGO CyberVeer Foundation is a comprehensive and rounded approach to the ever-evolving cyber world. It would not only help safeguard you from cybercrime but will also help you in using technology comprehensively for your benefit.

Cyber Safe India Alliance

Cyber Safe India is a government initiative launched by the Ministry of Home Affairs in India to promote cyber security and prevent cyber threats. The initiative aims to create awareness about cyber security among the general public and to encourage the adoption of safe and secure practices online. CSIA’s mission is also to enhance the online safety and security of business communities, by helping to deliver resources and expertise from the private sector to support both domestic and international law enforcement agencies and their governments, in their task of reducing harm from cyber & high-tech crimes.

CyberPeace Institute

The CyberPeace Institute is an independent and neutral nongovernmental organization whose mission is to ensure the rights of people to security, dignity, and equity in cyberspace. The Institute works in close collaboration with relevant partners to reduce the harms of cyberattacks on people’s lives worldwide. By analyzing cyberattacks, the Institute exposes their societal impact, how international laws and norms are being violated, and advances responsible behavior to enforce cyber peace.


CyberNGO is an organization with the aim of helping Global Cyber Welfare by spreading Cyber Awareness and helping Cyber Crime victims to get Cyber Justice. CyberNGO’s volunteers help Cyber Victims in getting the right law-enforcement aid by utilizing and suggesting based on their years of work experience with various law agencies. The concept of CyberNGO was developed based on the Digital Movement ongoing in our Nation. While the world is advancing to a Digital era it has become a necessity to be aware of the fraud and Crimes which are carried out by taking advantage of it. A person has to be aware of Cyber Threats to avoid becoming a victim of it.

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