Bikano donates Rs 22 lakh in PM Cares Fund to serve nation during COVID second wave

Bikano donates Rs 22 lakh in PM Cares Fund to serve nation during COVID second wave

With the devastating second Covid wave testing the country’s healthcare to its limits, Bikano, India’s foremost snacks brand has pitched in with its contribution to the ongoing battle against the pandemic. Displaying its public spiritedness and devotion to a higher cause, the company has recently donated Rs 22 lakh for Prime Minister Cares Fund.

“The first wave of Covid was challenging enough. Now the second wave with all its ferocity has come upon us most unexpectedly impacting us Indians like never before. And Bikano has always stood for what counts for the greater good. As a company with a conscience, we aim at not only winning the hearts and minds of our patrons and food lovers; we are sincerely looking forward to giving back to the wider society where we belong to. And what better than pitching in for a cause which has affected nearly every one of us in some ways or the other,” said Mr. Manish Aggarwal, Director, Bikano.

“Even as the authorities are doing everything in their power to stem the tide of destruction and death unleashed by the second wave, like everyone else, the Bikano family too has been jolted. We all remember that PM Cares Fund had been set up with the purpose of fighting a public health emergency of this magnitude. And so when the government is doing so much to make things better in the face of such a formidable public health challenge, how could we stay behind and remain passive onlookers. It was our bounden duty to come forward and make our small contribution count,” further said Mr Aggarwal.

The company has remained relatively unscathed from the economic headwinds coming on account of Covid-19 even during the second wave. In fact, only recently, Bikano launched as many as seven products on a single day nationally which was soon followed by separate launches in cities in Punjab and northern Hindi speaking markets of UP and Uttarakhand, demonstrating its brand strength and performance.

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