Booksie Unveils Limited Editions for Writers to Monetize Creativity

BOSTON – (April 12, 2024) – Booksie, the digital platform that helps writers tell their story is continuing to elevate its capabilities with the release of Booksie Limited Editions. This revolutionary platform, launched in collaboration with Chainletter Labs, combines Web2 and Web3 technologies to create a new way for authors to profit from their work and for readers to own the digital work of their favorite authors. Booksie Limited Editions brings ownership back to books.

Booksie Limited Editions consist of digital content — including books, short stories, poems, essays and articles — that are limited in number and come with ownership rights for the purchaser. Similar to limited edition prints, authors can sell these as premium products to their fans and supporters. Ownership is publicly recorded on a blockchain, allowing the Limited Editions to be displayed, transferred and sold.

Underpinning all of this is Chainletter Labs’ revolutionary blend of blockchain and web technology. In development for over two years, the platform removes the complexity of the blockchain and provides a self-service platform that makes it easy for content creators and publishers to release Booksie Limited Editions. It also simplifies the buying experience by removing common Web3 barriers and opens the mass market to the purchase of collectible items stored on the blockchain.

The launch of Booksie Limited Editions comes following the release of the state-of-the-art Booksie Online Bot (BOB), which was launched earlier this month, that allows authors to ask thousands of questions about the world of writing, from requesting psychological thriller prompts, to the use of semicolons, to tips for promoting published books. With just a few clicks BOB makes it easy to get feedback on any content published on Booksie and helps strengthen critical and creative thinking to become the best writer possible.

“Booksie Limited Editions is the next step in bringing new technology and capabilities into the publishing world. The release of the Booksie Online Bot and the AI developments was the start of a plan to use new technologies to help authors tell their story,” says founder of Booksie and Co-Founder of Chainletter Labs, Sol Nasisi, “We have more AI features coming out that are going to make it an order of magnitude easier for writers to get their story out. And working with Chainletter Labs, we’re planning to launch new blockchain-based features to help writers protect their work and also reward readers. The publishing industry will never be the same.”

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