Center fresh introduces Honey Lemon flavour in mints; promises an hour of clean breath

New Delhi, February 21, 2024: Center Fresh, the flagship gum and mints brand of Perfetti Van Melle India, is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation – the Center Fresh Mints Honey Lemon flavor. This new addition promises a delightful blend of sweetness and citrusy freshness, accompanied by an added bonus of 60 minutes of clean breath. Building on the success of the Menthol Eucalyptus variant, Center Fresh aims to captivate mint enthusiasts, providing an extended experience of long-lasting freshness.

The launch of the new Honey Lemon Clean Breath mint is being amplified by a vibrant television commercial (TVC) that showcases the invigorating effect of the new flavor. In the TVC, a man who starts off sluggish and low on energy is instantly revitalized after savoring the Center Fresh Mints Honey Lemon. His transformation symbolizes the fresh and lively essence of the new mint. This advertisement is a part of a comprehensive campaign spanning television, digital platforms, and outdoor advertising, all set to create a buzz around this exciting new product.

Gunjan Khetan, Managing Director, PVMI, shared thoughts on the launch, stating, “Center Fresh, our flagship gum and mints brand, has been synonymous with long-lasting fresh breath. With the launch of the Honey Lemon flavor, we are excited to offer our customers a new way to enjoy the freshness they trust, now with a lemony twist.Center Fresh Mints Honey Lemon flavor aims to leave a lasting impression, ensuring fresh breath for a whole hour.We believe that this addition will not only delight our existing customers but also appeal to new ones who love fruity flavors.”

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