Chai Sutta Bar Expands to 22 New Locations in Three Months

Chai Sutta Bar Expands to 22 New Locations in Three Months

New Delhi, 6th December 2022: Chai Sutta Bar, the biggest tea franchise on the planet, is fast expanding with new branches opening around the nation. In the months of October, November, and December, the chai franchise opened a total of 22 additional locations in states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Gujarat, and Delhi NCR to name a few.

While expanding rapidly in the local market, Chai Sutta Bar (CSB), a homegrown fast food and tea outlet brand, is also looking to expand its franchise business in the international market. CSB has already established a firm in the United Kingdom in order to quickly expand into the markets of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

Anubhav Dubey (The Kulhad Man of India), CEO and Co-founder of Chai Sutta Bar said “We at Chai Sutta Bar are amazed by the affection and gratitude were shown to us by our customers and franchise owners. I am really happy to open our doors in 22 new locations across the country and give the people of India the taste of Desh Ki Mitti. This is only the beginning for us, and we need your help to develop and serve our community as well as the individuals who love and support us.”.

The vision of Chai Sutta Bar is to deliver a unique cultural blend and values to each corner of the world.CSB has accomplished great tasks and achieved incredible milestones, the 425+ outlets,190+ cities, countless kulchas, and global presence says it all about the QSR-based leading tea franchise. Without any boundaries, Chai Sutta Bar is now spreading with wings made of people’s love and affection.

Franchise partners of Chai Sutta Bar are enjoying massive margins and impeccable growth every year. With tea becoming the most consumed beverage, this industry has vast growth potential in India.

The availability of Kulhad Tea encouraged 350-400 small families to seek seasonal employment in Kulhad production.

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