ChillyBox Unveils the Coldest Lunchbox with Groundbreaking Patented Technology


Jupiter, FL, May 04, 2024 – ChillyBox, a pioneering new company in the food preservation industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its first product, the ChillyBox lunchbox. This innovative product, designed with patented technology, sets a new standard for keeping food and drinks cold, fresh, and safe.

The ChillyBox lunchbox is not just another insulated container. It is the culmination of extensive research and development in thermal technology and user-friendly design. “We are excited to bring a product to market that revolutionizes the way people think about packing their meals on the go,” said Scott Jennie, Founder and CEO of ChillyBox. “Our mission was to create the coldest and most durable lunchbox in the world, and we have achieved that with ChillyBox.”

The secret to ChillyBox’s superior performance lies in its unique combination of a rigid refreezable tray and a refreezable lid insert. When used together, they create an insulated force field of coldness that surrounds the contents of the lunchbox, maintaining temperatures that keep your food crisp and your drinks frosty for hours.

Moreover, ChillyBox is designed for durability and ease of use. The rugged nylon case withstands harsh conditions without breaking, and the patented tray can endure below-freezing temperatures. “We’ve built ChillyBox to be tough because we know that life can be tough. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying a fresh meal or a cold drink, no matter where they are,” added Scott.

With its small footprint and lightweight design, ChillyBox is perfect for anyone on the go – from students and professionals to adventurers and picnic enthusiasts.

ChillyBox lunchboxes are available in several attractive colors, including Arctic Blue, Cool Pink, Refrigerator Grey, Midnight Black and Mojito Green, making them a stylish as well as practical choice for all age groups.

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