CodeBoxx Academy: Paving the Way for a New Generation of Tech Professionals

Saint Petersburg, FL, April 09, 2024 – The technology industry is rapidly growing, offering endless opportunities for individuals to build successful careers. However, many people are held back from pursuing these opportunities due to their background. Lack of resources and support often prevents individuals from taking advantage of workforce development opportunities. CodeBoxx is here to change that.

Empowering Individuals from All Backgrounds

CodeBoxx Academy provides individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the tech industry. The academy’s unique approach to education focuses on hands-on learning and real-world projects, making it accessible to individuals from all backgrounds. Through their intensive 16-week program, students learn about computer programming, website creation, and project management, preparing them for in-demand jobs in the tech industry.

Success Stories: Overcoming Challenges

One success story from CodeBoxx Academy is Brian Peret. When Brian was released from prison, he had no job or permanent housing. Despite having a graduate degree, Brian’s career options were severely limited due to his criminal record. He was gifted a laptop and an internship, leading to a full-time position at a tech startup in St. Pete. Brian discovered that his skills were more important than his past challenges.

The team at CodeBoxx saw Brian’s potential and brought him on as a coach. His technical proficiency, business acumen, and strong work ethic have facilitated his rise from coach to Program Director. As Director of CodeBoxx Academy, Brian is nurturing the development of the next generation of tech professionals.

Another success story in progress is Noah. Noah spent much of his youth within the juvenile welfare system and is a graduate of Sailfuture Academy. Leveraging support from CareerSource Pinellas and The CodeBoxx Foundation, Noah has been able to attend CodeBoxx Academy with no out-of-pocket expenses. He is flourishing within Codeboxx’s project-based curriculum and is on pace to be a CodeBoxx intern upon graduation.

Addressing the Diversity Gap in Tech

CodeBoxx Academy is committed to addressing the lack of diversity in the tech industry by providing equal opportunities for all individuals to succeed. They offer financial aid and scholarships to those in need, as well as mentorship and career support to help students land their dream jobs. With a 90% job placement rate, CodeBoxx Academy is significantly impacting the tech industry and changing lives along the way.

Redefining Tech Education

“In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing tech world, it’s not enough to just have technical skills. We need to teach our students the mindset and philosophies that will allow them to adapt and thrive in any tech environment,” says Brian Peret, CodeBoxx’s Academy Director.

CodeBoxx’s innovative approach to tech education has already seen success, with graduates securing jobs at top tech companies around the Tampa Bay community. With a mission to redefine technology as an essential skill and bridge the gap in tech education, CodeBoxx is paving the way for a new generation of tech professionals.

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