Demand for bonds soars as investors look ahead to rate cuts

27th Feb 2024: There has been a significant surge in the number of investors considering bolstering their investment portfolios with investment grade bonds, particularly in assets such as US Treasuries and UK gilts, reveals one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organizations.

deVere Group reports that enquiries from clients regarding bonds has jumped 38% month on month, with the looming likelihood of interest rate cuts in response to falling inflation rates.

Nigel Green, the deVere Group CEO, says: “Investment grade bonds, backed by governments like the United States and the United Kingdom, have become increasingly in-demand in recent months.

“The surge in client interest can be attributed to the growing consensus that central banks are poised to implement interest rate cuts this year.

“This anticipation has led investors to reassess their portfolios, with a discerning eye on fixed-income securities, where the intrinsic value of investment grade bonds becomes increasingly apparent.

“US Treasuries and UK gilts, considered the gold standard of safe-haven assets, are witnessing heightened demand.

“The allure lies not only in the reputation of the US and UK governments, but also in the potential for capital appreciation as interest rates are expected to decline.

“The inverse relationship between bond prices and interest rates means that as rates decrease, the value of existing bonds tends to rise,” comments Nigel Green.

As inflation begins to get closer to target, central banks will be under pressure to pivot on interest rates.

“This dynamic is fueling the surge in enquiries for investment grade bonds, as investors position themselves to capitalize on potential capital gains amid a shifting interest rate environment.”

The fundamental appeal of investment grade bonds lies in their ability to provide a steady and predictable income stream while preserving capital. The surge in client interest reflects a broader acknowledgment of the value proposition offered by these bonds in balancing risk and return.

In addition, the jump in enquiries for US Treasuries and UK gilts underscores the global nature of this trend. Investors worldwide are recognising the attractiveness of these assets, contributing to a surge that transcends geographical boundaries. The interconnectedness of financial markets has amplified the impact of economic indicators, making these bonds an increasingly sought-after asset class on a global scale.

The deVere CEO concludes: “The surge in clients showing a 38% increase in enquiries month on month for investment grade bonds is indicative of a strategic shift in investor sentiment.

“The anticipation of interest rate cuts at some point this year in response to falling inflation rates is propelling these bonds back into investors’ minds.”

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