Elevate Your Child’s World with Thoughtfully Designed Furniture and Accessories!

Creating the right ambiance for your kids’ room is not Child’s play. Sourcing the right decor elements for the room that mesmerizes your child can be a daunting task. Smartsters the Mumbai-based kids home decor brand offers perfect solutions for all the decor needs. With a deep understanding of the needs of growing children, from age 3 onward, through the teenage years, and until they are fully grown adults. Smartsters aims to facilitate problem-solving skills, enhance language abilities, and strengthen the imagination.


 Smartsters has a large range of innovatively designed, child-safe products such as beds and bunks, study tables, storage units, tables, chairs, mattresses, bedsheets, comforters, cushions, lamps, and more.


 “At Smartsters, we create furniture and decor products designed for kids. Smartsters is a labour of love—the result of a deeply empathetic approach to childhood. Home is where our children spend the most time. The design of children’s indoor spaces plays an important role in their overall development. When designed well, children’s furniture and decor can spark curiosity and imagination, enable concentration, help children channel their energies, and self-regulate their emotions. At Smartsters, our mission is to support the holistic development of children and equip homes for happy, free-thinking, wondrous childhoods!” says Bikram Mittra, Design Head at Smartsters.

“I realized there was a gap in the market for functional yet thoughtfully designed furniture in the kids segment that was well-priced. Our goal at Smartsters therefore is to serve parents and provide them with well-designed decor, furniture, furnishings, and bedding items under one roof through Smartsters so as to make their lives easier and
provide their children with a healthy and playful environment to grow up in,” says Ashni Biyani, founder and director of Think9 Consumers, a co-creation platform that launched Smartsters.

There are three design pillars that form the very foundation of Smartsters.

1. Involves telling stories through their products
2. Strong design fundamentals such as perfect proportions and geometric flow
3. High ergonomics that are designed around a growing child, factoring in reach,
height, as well as comfort.

Besides this, Smartsters incorporates the required safety standards into each product; for example, all of their products have rounded edges to prevent injury.

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