Elevating Healthcare: Jivraj Hospital and Medlern Form Alliance for Innovative Training Solutions

Ahmedabad, 21 March 2024: Dr Jivraj Mehta Hospital Ahmedabad a prestigious multi-speciality healthcare institution renowned for its commitment to excellence in delivering quality healthcare services is delighted to announce its partnership with MedLern, the only full-stack healthcare training solution for hospitals and healthcare professionals, the strategic partnership aims to revolutionize healthcare training, optimize operations, and enhance patient care outcomes by leveraging the power of digital learning solutions

MedLern‘s comprehensive approach to addressing training requirements and offering dependable, cutting-edge learning resources, has been instrumental in catalyzing this alliance. Together, the partnership aims to streamline the complexities inherent in training across diverse departments and employee profiles, capitalizing on a blend of both global and local expertise in content, trainers, and tools.

Sulagna P, Manager HR, Dr Jivraj Mehta Hospital said, “Investing in the training and development of our employees on the available scope of services in the hospital is crucial for providing the highest quality of patient care, increasing efficiency and productivity, expanding services, maintaining compliance and accreditation, and retaining and recruiting top talent. Moreover, when it becomes digitized, it becomes easier to access from anywhere and at any time. With this aim, we at Dr Jivraj Mehta Hospital decided to join hands with MedLern training platform to achieve the defined objective”.

Mr. Deepak Sharma, MedLern’s CEO and Co-founder said, “We are excited to collaborate with a pioneer like Dr Jivraj Mehta Hospital to enhance the training initiatives for their healthcare workforce. Our primary goal is to enhance patient care outcomes by empowering staff with advanced skills and knowledge. Leveraging our comprehensive approach, supported by automated tools, we anticipate significant improvements within just 60-90 days, effectively reducing both training time and costs. This partnership harmonizes seamlessly with our commitment to delivering improved care and business value. Having trained over 100,000 healthcare professionals, our structured methodology is designed to address quality gaps and promote service excellence. Our focus is to make a meaningful impact at the point of care, benefiting not only patients but also the broader community.”

The collaboration between MedLern and Dr Jivraj Mehta Hospital is poised to reinforce the hospital‘s dedication to delivering exceptional healthcare services. MedLern‘s tailored training programs will concentrate on bolstering knowledge retention, enhancing performance, and ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards. This partnership is set to optimize Jivraj Hospital‘s operations by offering a suite of services including content management, competency assessment, employee engagement, and impact measurement, all per the latest compliance regulations based on NABH. Moreover, the collaboration will explore avenues for standardizing content and extending the reach of training across various modalities.

MedLern‘s support for Dr Jivraj Mehta Hospital in deriving maximum return on investment (ROI) from its human resources will encompass meticulous monitoring of completion rates, coverage, compliance levels, and overall impact through systematic training implementation. This meticulous approach guarantees consistency, enhanced control, and substantial cost savings while providing transparent reporting of training impact to leadership.

Beyond optimizing human resource investments, MedLern‘s solutions are tailored to enhance recruiting, scheduling, retention, and overall performance for hospitals, emphasising operational excellence to streamline turnaround times, ensure SOP compliance, reduce costs, and elevate service standards. Looking ahead, MedLern remains committed to assisting Jivraj Hospital in its journey toward success by facilitating strategic planning, fostering continuous improvement, implementing best practices, and devising comprehensive long-term certification plans.

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