Embark on a Japanese Culinary Voyage with the Robatayaki Affair – MIKUSU Matsuri at Conrad Bengaluru

Embark on a Japanese Culinary Voyage with the Robatayaki Affair – MIKUSU Matsuri at Conrad Bengaluru

Delve into the art of traditional Japanese cuisine at Conrad Bengaluru with the Robatayaki Affair- MIKUSU Matsuri from 14th to the 31st of May, 2024. Robatayaki, a time-honoured cooking style originating from Japan, promises an immersive culinary experience where choicest of ingredients are expertly grilled over an open flame, infusing each dish with unparalleled depth and flavour. Join us as we celebrate the rich heritage of Japanese gastronomy amidst the luxurious ambiance of Mikusu.

Known to be expertly grilled, the meticulously selected meats, fresh seafood, and seasonal vegetables are cooked to perfection by the Chefs at MIKUSU, enhancing its natural yet authentic flavours.

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of authentic Japanese cuisine while gaining a deeper understanding of the culinary artistry behind Robatayaki. Set amidst an ambiance evoking the essence of the East, Robatayaki Affair – MIKUSU Matsuri promises a dining experience and cultural celebration unlike any other.

Feast on an array of delicacies cooked to subtle perfection like Nasu Dung – Grilled Miso Glazed Eggplant, Thai Hasu No Kusu – Sake Butter Grilled Lotus Steam, Portabella Shogayaki – Char Grill Portobello Mushroom with Ginger and Sweet Soy, Enoki Gyu – Tenderloin with Enoki and Kiko Glazed, Yaki Tori – Robata Grill Teriyaki Chicken Skewer and Saikyo Barramundi Yaki – Grilled Sea Bass with Mushroom and Miso Glazed.

Experience the craftsmanship of Japanese mixology in each sip, savoring must-try cocktails like the Tomita Daiquiri, Hokkaido Gin Sour, Haiboru High Ball, alongside a selection of zero-proof options such as the Sakura Spritz, Yuzu Fizz, and Shikoku Mule. This array of beverages presents a delightful twist, blending flavors and techniques for a truly unique experience

The menu also includes Robatayaki combo with mini portions of soup, or salad to pick from, one starter, a mini serving of fried rice, a portion of green tea and unlimited flow of Sakura Cha at INR 2200 plus taxes for Vegetarian and INR 2800 plus taxes for non-vegetarian options.

Sharing his thoughts on the grand Robatayaki Affair, Chef Indra, Chef De Cuisine, Conrad Bengaluru says, “We are thrilled to present the Robatayaki Affair at MIKUSU, as our ode to Japanese cuisine. Originating from Japan, Robatayaki is an ancient cooking method that we are excited to showcase to our guests with a taste for exploring diverse cultures and cuisines. From anime enthusiasts to pop-culture and Ramen aficionados, Bengaluru has demonstrated a keen interest in Japanese culture. We are delighted to offer this unique experience to our patrons at Conrad Bengaluru, where they can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Japanese cuisine and heritage”

Immerse yourself in a culinary celebration that seamlessly blends tradition and culture only at Robatayaki Affair – MIKUSU Matsuri at Conrad Bengaluru. Experience the essence of Japanese cuisine like never before, as we invite you to indulge in a gastronomical journey that is sure to be etched in your memories.

INR 6000 plus taxes for two (Food & Beverages). For reservations, contact: +91 8022144444

To know more details, log on to the hotel website: www.conradbengaluru.com

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