Energy-tech startup Astute Synergies Aims to Disrupt CBG Market with Innovative Solutions; Promises to Optimize Installation Costs by 40%

Energy-tech startup Astute Synergies Aims to Disrupt CBG Market with Innovative Solutions; Promises to Optimize Installation Costs by 40%India, May 29, 2024: Astute Synergies Private Limited, an energytech startup, is set to disrupt the biogas industry by tackling the critical challenge of high CBG plant installation costs.

According to the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell, India’s gas production is 29,769 million metric standard cubic metres (mmscm), while consumption is 55,256 mmscm, resulting in a shortfall of 25,488 mmscm, or 46.12% of total consumption, which is currently met through imports. CBG can help bridge this gap, but high installation costs and methane loss during production are major challenges. Astute Synergies is addressing these issues with its advanced state-of-the-art membrane technology, which aims to transform the biogas industry by significantly reducing these costs.

Commenting on the initiativeUtkarsh Gupta, Founder & CEO of Astute Synergies, said, The company is focused on the manufacturing of cost-effective biogas upgradation systems, targeting to achieve a remarkable 40% reduction in the costs, leading to overall savings in the installation of these plants. Our cutting edge technology will minimize methane loss during purification, and reduce this loss from over 10% to a mere 2-3%. It will significantly bring down the overall cost leading to sustainability. With this, we are not only addressing climate change but also fostering economic growth through a sustainable solution that transforms the CBG market.”

A recent report by the International Energy Agency emphasizes the urgent need for cost-effective renewable energy solutions to combat climate change and promote sustainability. Astute Synergies‘ innovative approach aligns perfectly with these global energy goals, promising to contribute significantly to a Greener India by making clean energy more accessible and affordable.

“Driven by innovation, we aim to be the best and most advanced solutions and equipment provider for new CBG projects. We promise to deliver optimized and smart products to our clients”, adds Vinayak Kashyap, Co founder, Astute Synergies.

Astute, with its various technology collaborations and advanced solutions in the CBG sector shall lead the industry in offering valuable and sustainable alternatives to its customers, said, Prashant Bahirgonde, Co founder, Astute Synergies.

The cutting-edge membrane-technology upgradation system, valued at approximately 600 crore, will significantly contribute to India’s clean energy future. Astute Synergies is dedicated to driving down costs and enhancing the efficiency of biogas production, thereby contributing to India’s renewable energy landscape and supporting the nation’s commitment to a sustainable and greener future.

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