Escaro Royale Unveils Winter Elegance with Exquisite Handpainted Fur Boots in Winter 2023 collection


New Delhi, December 22st, 2023: Escaro Royale, the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship, proudly introduces the latest addition to its Winter Collection – the Handpainted Handpatinaed Fur Boots featuring ankle length fur boots in Blake stitch construction.

Starwalt Fur Boots by Escaro Royale

The Handpainted Fur leather boots for men represent the pinnacle of winter footwear, seamlessly blending comfort, coziness, and style featuring plush faux fur lining that envelops the foot in warmth, providing an unparalleled level of comfort during colder months. The incorporation of fur not only ensures insulation but also adds a luxurious touch, elevating the overall style quotient of the boots. Escaro Royale’s fur leather boots prioritize practicality, offering a cozy refuge for the feet while maintaining a fashionable edge. Whether navigating snowy landscapes or strolling through urban streets, these boots embody the perfect fusion of functionality, comfort, and timeless style.

Mr. Ambud Sharma, CEO & Founder, Escaro Royale (1)

“The Handpainted Fur Boots in our Winter Collection are a testament to Escaro Royale’s unwavering commitment to creating exceptional, handcrafted products. We believe in providing our customers with not just a pair of boots but a unique statement of elegance and warmth,” said Ambud Sharma, founder and CEO at Escaro Royale.

These boots are 100% handmade by expert artisans who represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Every stitch and brushstroke is a testament to the dedication and skill of Escaro Royale’s master craftsmen. Featuring handmade Argentinian Leather Sole, these boots boast a luxurious foundation. The addition of rubber inserts ensures not only exceptional grip but also durability for long-lasting wear.Employing the sophisticated Blake stitch construction technique, each pair of boots guarantees not only a sleek appearance but also enhanced flexibility and durability. Blake stitching is a shoe construction method where the sole is sewn directly to the upper, insole, and outsole from the inside of the shoe. It involves a single stitching line, creating a sleek and close-cut appearance with no visible welt on the outer sole. This technique enhances flexibility and contributes to a lightweight design.

  Fashion aficionados and those seeking the epitome of winter luxury are invited to explore the Winter Collection, now available for purchase on the official Escaro Royale website,

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