Farah Kureshi Shares Insights on Writing Journey

Author Farah Kureshi speaks about being a newly published author and what it means to be able to relay your message across the world and to others.

Farah Kureshi

Orlando, FL, April 16, 2024:  Farah Kureshi, a new and upcoming author in the Orlando, Florida area has her mind set on being the next best thing according to her. She wants to and has tried her hardest to be the best she can be in her field and is on a mission to set up for herself success as an author.

Being an author isn’t too easy, she says. There are many hurdles. Sure, you can easily self-publish your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other places and websites, but that’s the easy part. First, you have to write an entire book or several books, get the manuscript together, put the blurbs together, create a beautiful cover design, and can only hope that you find a decent following for your work. But that’s not even how it usually pans out for self-published authors.

Self-publishing isn’t an easy task. Though it’s the new and creative way to publish your work these days, and the easier path to take as opposed to traditional publishing, it’s the harder path in the long run. You have to do everything for yourself and for the book at hand, and that means spending a lot of your important time and hard-earned money, and a lot of reddit posting reading, figuring out the best avenues to take when it comes to marketing your work, and the best methods to find a following or group of people who your work really caters or appeals to.

Farah, a sales professional in the Orlando area, never thought in her wildest dreams she would end up being a published author seeking representation and methods for figuring which of her multiple books and ideas she should market or put into fruition next. Though she isn’t a sales professional by heart, she has been doing it for many decades and is used to convincing people to buy an important product that they may or may not need.

Though animal rights is her passion, and she was hoping to enter law school, she took on a different path which is the world of writing and publishing. “I find it’s something that’s substantially rewarding and amazing, along with the many ideas you can put together, and the best way to get your creative ideas and thoughts out there.”

One book isn’t enough for Farah. She has published multiple works including “How To Be Happy And Positive” and “Healing From Narcissistic Abuse.” She has a passion for writing books that are meant to empower and to help others and considers herself to be a healer who is there to help and support others with her writing.

Healing From Narcissistic Abuse really gets to the core of narcissism and allows others to understand why a narcissist behaves the way they do, along with many other facets of the disorder. It’s a well thought out masterpiece that can assist victims in dealing with, reacting to, or learning more about narcissism and the many facets regarding it.

She is currently in the process of writing an animal rights book which takes on various perspectives of the treatment of animals, and will allow others to question the ethics of eating meat and the importance of the humanity and rights of animals. She questions why there aren’t more people who contemplate the importance of animal rights and hopes to publish more books with this topic.

You can find her work on Amazon under Farah Kureshi, and other local retailers such as Walmart, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

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