FENABEL Presents Distinctive Wooden Chairs with a European Touch


Porto, 18th January 2024 : 2024 promises to deliver vibrant designs with great innovation and creativity. Remarkable trends are expected to redefine aesthetics and functionality with a blend of futuristic elements and a nostalgic touch, but always keep an eye out for vintage items. The cottage core style remains influential, connecting us to nature and a serene lifestyle. Sustainability remains a priority, seen in the use of reclaimed materials and a focus on recyclable textiles, fostering cozy and welcoming interior trends.

Here’s an exclusive insight into the captivating trends shaping the creative world:

Curved shaped


This will be the year when the era of straight lines and rigid edges will fade away. Embracing rounded shapes is key to enhancing comfort within our living spaces. Imagine including a lounge chair, an unconventional mirror, or a headboard featuring undulating forms to infuse a sense of relaxation and ease into our interiors.

The Wave Chair or Penat chair is recognizable by its curved, harmonious, and unique shapes. Its sinuous shapes are like sculpted waves that flow throughout the chair. Each curve is a visual symphony that encapsulates the beauty of the shape of the curves, inviting those who sit to let themselves be enveloped by its captivating aesthetic.





Melbourne Perera, an interior designer, anticipates a rise in the incorporation of organic forms into furniture, as there’s a growing trend favouring a livelier and more organic approach to texture utilization.

The Bernie Lounge Chair, Nova Lounge or Gio Lounge are timeless and sophisticated pieces with organic shapes, a perfect complement to a cozy space. Its lines are innovative and blend harmoniously into modern interiors. With its rounded lines, it offers style combined with exceptional comfort. Each shape has been meticulously sculpted to create a piece that not only attracts visual attention, but also invites cozy, ergonomic seating.


The general color trends we’re foreseeing for 2024 are warm, comforting and with positive vibes. PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz encapsulates our longing to care for ourselves and those around us. This soft, velvety peach hue embodies an inclusive essence that elevates the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.
Behr and Dutch Boy have chosen a dark neutral, while paint companies such as Sherwin-Williams, Dulux, and PPG have chosen a light neutral tone. More vibrant shades can be found in the color forecasts for 2024. In particular, the paint company Dulux has chosen bold and positive with bright pinks, yellows, and blues in its color forecast.



Acquiring vintage furniture makes it simple to create a home full of uniqueness, personality, and charm. The Chesterfield Lounge Chair or Sandal CB stands out for its charm. Their vintage style gives them a distinctive presence, emanating a timeless serenity that adapts perfectly to any environment. These pieces are a testament to timeless refinement, adding a classic touch.


The decision-making process in design now heavily considers environmental repercussions. Consequently, consumers, media outlets, and designers seek sustainable products, emphasizing innovative elements and materials that drive positive change. Today, consumers prioritize investing in environmentally responsible brands to minimize waste and demand transparency throughout the manufacturing cycle.

The Leaf Chair stands out for its contemporary design and environmental awareness. Carefully designed, it is a perfect fusion of two different natural materials: wood and hide. The wood, with its natural tones, offers a solid and elegant structure. While the hide provides luxurious comfort and a touch of sophistication. The combination of these materials not only creates a visually captivating aesthetic but also highlights the commitment to sustainability and the harmonious integration of raw elements into contemporary design.



Another emerging trend involves highlighting the inherent grain and flaws in timber. Opting for natural wood introduces charm and coziness to a space, emphasizing that household items need not adhere to a standard of flawlessness.The Spirit Chair stands out for its characteristic element: wood. This is a simple, versatile, and elegant model with a classic design. This collection has a straw back, which makes it exclusive. The Mine Chair is characterized by its simple construction in solid wood, but with a strong design component.

Sustainability and ergonomics were the motto for the development of this chair.


In recent times, there has been a significant emphasis on nature, and this emphasis is expected to persist. That’s why the prominent use of green and blue hues remains pivotal in shaping our home surroundings.

In 2024 the fusion of curved shapes, organic forms, vibrant colors, and of course, “Peach fuzz” will be a must-have! The vintage style remains, and sustainability is still the main concern, as well as natural wood and nature emphasis concerning biophilic design.
Taken together, these trends for 2024 offer not only a glimpse into interior design but also a narrative of a conscious, inviting, and nature-inspired living experience.

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