FICCI recognises TVS Industrial and Logistics Park for Best Sustainable Industrial Practice

FICCI recognises TVS Industrial and Logistics Park for Best Sustainable Industrial PracticeMumbai, June 07th, 2024: TVS Industrial & Logistics Parks Pvt. Ltd. (TVS ILP) received the ‘Best Sustainable Industrial Practice award’ in Medium Industry category at the prestigious FICCI Sustainable Industrial Practice Awards held on June 4, 2024. Being pioneers in the warehousing industry, this recognition marks TVS ILP’s commitment to sustainability and green initiatives across all their establishments in India.

The second edition of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry’s (FICCI) awards was to acknowledge, motivate, and support Indian industry’s efforts to promote sustainable practices for a cleaner environment.

The company’s remarkable success can be attributed to a comprehensive range of globally revered initiatives, including the installation of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) for 100% water recycling in 90% of its facilities, retrofitting facilities with water-saving technologies, implementing daylight harvesting and LED lighting, planting over 1000 trees, constructing rainwater harvesting structures, and forming strategic partnerships with waste recycling agencies.

These collective efforts have yielded impressive results, with its green warehouses achieving remarkable energy savings of 45%, fresh-water savings of 50%, and an outstanding 67% reduction in embodied energy when compared to conventional structures.

Talking about this feat, Arul Murugan, General Manager, Projects at TVS ILP, said, “This award reflects our commitment to responsible growth keeping sustainability at the heart of our operations. The warehousing industry is traditionally known for its environmental impact, including high energy consumption and emissions. At TVS ILP, we are in a mission to change that and lead the way towards a greener future by implementing advanced energy management systems, water conservation techniques, and sustainable building practices.”

By combining innovation, technology, and a strong focus on sustainability, TVS ILP is setting new benchmarks in the industry and spearheading a green revolution that helps the entire industry adopt practices that will result in green growth.

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