Five global companies using Artificial Intelligence in the Manufacturing Sector

Once the realm of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) has made its foray into our lives and businesses in recent years. AI quickly interprets and learns from data to provide predictions and identify trends. For manufacturers, this technology proves especially vital. Manufacturers generate more data than any other business sector, but they also waste the most data. AI can help manufacturers leverage the full value of big data to improve decision-making.

Recognizing the power of this technology, ERP vendors are introducing AI in their software to give manufacturers an all-in-one solution for managing enterprise data and processes. With regards to growth of integrated AI technologies, here are the top five companies providing Artificial Intelligence for the Manufacturing sector.

  1. Rockwell Automation

Founded: 1903

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rockwell Automation promotes what it calls “Smart Manufacturing” by wielding AI to reinforce systems, cybersecurity measures and other aspects of the manufacturing process. The company’s FactoryTalk Analytics LogixAI product uses predictive capabilities to foresee potential setbacks, encourage proactive measures and preserve product quality. The module blends machine learning with a powerful modeling engine to anticipate issues, predict outputs and streamline overall operations.

  1. GE

Founded: 1892

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

GE’s artificial intelligence team helps manufacturers prioritize efficiency and safety, and it’s branched out to cover various verticals, including automation, computer vision and robotics. One result of these efforts has been GE’s autonomous robotics systems, which make workplaces more productive with automation and AI technologies.

  1. Prisma AI

Founded: 1982

Location: Germany

Prisma AI is a global pioneer in providing visual artificial intelligence-based solutions. Specializing in predictive information technologies, more specifically Visual based Artificial Intelligence applications for body behavioral analysis, and sentiment analysis along with OCR, Image, Video, Face and Object Recognition.

Prisma AI strives for Pragmatic Visual based AI solutions using its proprietary core computer vision platform Gryphos, for organizations to implement practical applications like automatic number plate recognition, security surveillance, illegal object detection, smart parking systems and many more similar innovations. Prisma AI believes that the potential of Artificial Intelligence towards empowering society as a whole is limitless. The influence this technology can have on the growth journey of all organizations, individuals and society is what drives Prisma AI to become an active contributor towards shaping a better future of the Manufacturing sector along with other sectors like Defense, Security, Infrastructure and many more

  1. Mythic

Founded: 2012

Location: Austin, Texas

Mythic creates intelligent processing units for a slew of devices, including some in the manufacturing industry. The company wants its IPUs powerful enough to let robots and drones communicate conversationally so they can respond and react to situations in real-time. Mythic says its IPUs support all popular styles of deep neural networks, have virtually unlimited processing capabilities and require less energy to operate while providing more power than similar products.

  1. Uptake

Founded: 2014

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Uptake designs and develops enterprise AI software for many industries, including manufacturing. The company’s artificial intelligence combines material, process and equipment data to offer suggestions on how to reduce energy costs, optimize labor and product reliability and improve the operations process as a whole. Because of its partnership with Element, Uptake continues to help industrial companies find new ways to turn raw data into actionable insights geared toward efficiency.

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