Global Payment Orchestration Platform Paytring closes funding round with Unlimit as lead investor

Gurgaon, April 11, 2024: Paytring, a universal payment-rich orchestration platform designed for omni-businesses and payment institutions,  announced the successful closure of its first strategic pre-seed funding round led by global fintech company Unlimited.

Paytring Team

An all-inclusive payment orchestration platform, Paytring is a no-code solution for payment collection, revolutionizing global payments for Indian businesses. Backed by a strong support team, Paytring is simplifying the complex landscape of local and international digital transactions, enabling merchants and payment processors to enhance their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall payment experience for end-users.

“Unlimit’s strategic investment at such an early stage shows the importance of Paytring’s solution for the expansion of business around the world. The payment leaders’ deep tech expertise and multi-geography insights will help fast-track our development. Together, we’re excited to achieve our strategic mission of empowering businesses to stay ahead of the global payments ecosystem’s evolving dynamics,” says Keshav Munjal, co-founder and CEO of Paytring.

The strategic investment is a significant vote of confidence from the global fintech community. Also, it marks the beginning of a new era in payment processing efficiency and flexibility for Indian businesses to look at international payment collections.

“Paytring is not just a platform; we are a fintech product company. With our combined experience of navigating the on-ground payment challenges for over 20 years, we are on a mission to make payments operation, management, and integration super easy anywhere in the world,” said Debal Chakraborty, CTO and CoFounder of Paytring.

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