GM Modular unveils two new range of ceiling fans for unmatched summer comfort

GM Modular unveils two new range of ceiling fans for unmatched summer comfortNew Delhi, 20 May 2024: GM Modular, a leading manufacturer of electric goods, has recently rolled out a new range of two premium-quality budget-friendly ceiling fans, namely GM AIR MTE 1200 mm and  GM G-Breeze Deco MTE 1200 mm, these two ceiling fans possess unmatched performance and sleek design that can blend optimally into any living space and are exclusively available for purchase on Amazon.

GM Modular aims to help consumers stay cool and comfortable during the summer with its pioneering ceiling fan lineup. These two ceiling fan models are available in various color options, such as brown, ivory, and white, and its G-breeze Deco MTE fan also includes black coffee hues. Providing customers with the perfect balance of ultimate comfort, efficiency, and aesthetics at an affordable price point.

Fans are a must, in tackling the sweltering summer heat, providing ultimate relief, and are also an economical alternative to air conditioners. These two newly launched ceiling fans seamlessly blend with modern home interiors, providing optimal cooling, comfort, and an aesthetically appealing addition in the face of soaring temperatures for modern settings.

Commenting on the launch, Jayanth Jain, CEO & MD of GM Modular said, “The launch of GM AIR MTE and GM G-Breeze Deco MTE ceiling fans is a conscious effort from our side aimed at merging luxury with affordability, and with the addition of these two ceiling fans, we aim to cater to customers with limited budgets to have access to top-notch quality fans available in several colors and designs.

Both of these ceiling fan models, GM AIR MTE 1200 mm and GM G-Breeze Deco MTE 1200 mm, boast a contemporary design and are easy to install. It comes with a 1-star energy efficiency rating and meets Indian Standard Institutions (ISI) certification.

It is backed by a reliable and long standing warranty period of 25 months to provide reliable all-weather comfort in an affordable range. Both of these newly introduced ceiling fans come with a high-quality and long-lasting coating, ensuring optimal air thrust. They are suitable for any room, and with the launch of this lifestyle cooling solution, GM Modular aims to strengthen its leadership in the ceiling fan category while meeting the aspirational needs of consumers.

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