Godrej & Boyce enables automated calibration services for Anechoic Chamber

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Bengaluru, 25th January 2024: Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, announced that its business, Godrej Lawkim Motors introduced a fully automated setup for EMI/EMC (Electromagnetic Interference / Electromagnetic Compatibility) Anechoic Chamber Calibration, which reduces turnaround time by 50% compared to manual calibration. This cutting-edge technology enables recording values in a fraction of a second, setting the stage for efficiency and accuracy in calibration processes.

The implementation of automated calibration brings about a substantial elevation in measurement accuracy, especially vital in precision-focused sectors like telecommunications, aerospace, and automotive. The consistent performance of the chamber, guided by automated processes, not only streamlines various functions such as research, development, and quality control but also ensures seamless alignment with stringent compliance standards, surpassing industry-specific requisites. This innovation fosters confidence in data reliability and also translates to significant cost savings by preventing errors and rework, ultimately supporting advancements in research and development activities within the electromagnetic compatibility domain.

Xercsis Marker, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Godrej Lawkim Motors, says, “Anechoic chamber calibration is about leveraging technical accuracy to increase efficiency and minimize turn-around-time and embodies our commitment to elevate industry standards. Integration of this technology improves precision and reshapes the way in which customers can accelerate their supply chains. By ensuring meticulous setups, we are delivering quality services and setting a new standard of excellence across industries.”

The business is at the forefront of innovation by incorporating digitally signed web-based certificates, implementing automated calibration selectively, and exploring new frontiers in industries like solar panels and advanced battery technologies. With expertise extending to sectors such as aerospace, solar panels, and cutting-edge battery technologies, Godrej Lawkim Motors has leveraged strategic automation to achieve an impressive 300% reduction in turnaround times, enabling rapid calibration at a rate of 100 points per minute while eliminating typing errors. With over 32,000 medical instruments calibrated for hospitals across major metro cities, Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities, the company also extends its services to overseas customers in South Asia and the Middle East through Onsite Calibration.

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