Guilt-free Motherhood: SUGAR Cosmetics Mother’s Day Vow

Guilt-free Motherhood: SUGAR Cosmetics Mother’s Day VowMumbai, 15th May 2024: SUGAR Cosmetics, one of India’s leading omnichannel beauty companies and a cult favorite amongst Gen Z and Millennial consumers, concludes their Mother’s Day campaign,  #AllMomsAreGoodMoms, featuring celebrated mom influencers, Kishwer Merchant, Mili Jhaveri, Smriti Khanna.

While epitomizing selfless caregiving, mothers often question whether they are fulfilling motherhood correctly. Despite juggling professional commitments, canceled vacations, missed social gatherings, lack of time for shopping, and countless other instances, mothers still feel guilty for not doing enough for their children. #AllMomAreGoodMoms campaign focuses on overcoming this “mom guilt” and prodding mothers to pursue their dreams, grant themselves a break, and prioritize self-care while nurturing their children. The campaign is centered on this thought-provoking message for mothers to embrace themselves and redefine motherhood on their terms.

“As a mother of two, I am aware of the fact that mothers go through changes not only physically, but also mentally. #AllMomAreGoodMoms underscores the importance of self-care, whether it’s a mood-lifting lipstick or a morning run that keeps you fit. There is nothing wrong with being kind to yourself because being a mom doesn’t mean hitting pause on your life, it means striking a balance. It’s about acknowledging that taking care of self is as important as caring for our children. Let’s redefine motherhood together, breaking stereotypes and embracing the journey wholeheartedly. In this beautiful chaos, we find life’s greatest joys and lessons,” said Vineeta Singh, CEO and Co-founder of SUGAR Cosmetics

The campaign features SUGAR Mousse Muse Lip Cream, which is lusciously creamy, airy-light, and 100% transferproof, delivering intense matte color in a single swipe. This 24-hour wear, full-coverage lip cream encourages the audience to ‘Be Their Own Muse!’

The campaign #AllMomAreGoodMoms garnered 12 lac+ organic views in the first 24 hours across the brand’s social channels.

SUGAR Cosmetics’ presence on social media platforms has been growing and evolving at a tremendous speed, with the brand recently hitting 2.9M+ followers on Instagram. The brand’s YouTube page has also had a huge growth spurt this year reaching a whopping 1.83M+ subscribers and Twitter on the other hand stands strong at 44.3K+.

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