GULABO by IBAEUTY: Redefining Beauty Standards with a Serumised Pink Tint for Brown Skin

GULABO by IBAEUTY: Redefining Beauty Standards with a Serumised Pink Tint for Brown SkinNew Delhi, 30th  April 2024: The innovative conscious beauty brand IBAEUTY is pleased to announce the release of Gulabo, its most recent innovation which is a first-of-its-kind buildable and sheer serumised pink tint specially formulated for brown skin tones, challenging conventional notions of beauty.

“Liberated from the confines of gender-specific beauty standards, IBAEUTY is a shining example of inclusivity. Understanding that all genders and skin types represent flawless beauty, IBAEUTY’s products like “Gulabo”, have been tailor-made to go beyond conventional limits and provide a comprehensive combination of skincare and makeup. “It’s enhanced with peptides to satisfy the skin’s collagen diet, reduce inflammation, manage breakouts, and strengthen the skin barrier—all in line with our 50% skincare, 50% makeup approach. We aspire to set new standards for beauty and inclusivity” says  Manya Nayar founder IBAEUTY.

The key ingredient, Acai oil sourced directly from the lush forests of Brazil, infuses the skin with a rich supply of Anthocyanins and Phenols, potent antioxidants that balance skin tone, enhance radiance, and combat oxidative stress. Additionally, GULABO boasts the presence of “The OG Hyaluronic Acid,” carrot seed oil, and chamomile oil, which work synergistically to improve skin texture, elasticity, and overall appearance.

Gulabo revitalizes the skin by treating issues including inflammation, breakouts, and oxidative stress. This leaves the skin looking more youthful, plumper, and naturally radiant. Vital component of any beauty routine, it provides a young glow and has higher collagen levels and increased suppleness. GULABO is now available for purchase at Tira, Amazon, Flipkart, Tressmart, Vanity Wagon, Kindlife, Meola, Netmeds, Ajio, JioMart, and Hypd. Inviting individuals to embrace a new standard of beauty that celebrates diversity and empowers self-expression!


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