HearClear set to penetrate deeper into the country with the launch of new clinics in Jaipur and Bangalore

HearClear set to penetrate deeper into the country with the launch of new clinics in Jaipur and BangaloreNew Delhi, 24th April, 2024: HearClear, redefining elder care by leveraging advanced hearing solutions, has launched its new clinic in Jaipur and Bangalore, extending innovative hearing solutions to people in the regions. The launch in Jaipur marks the presence of the brand for the very first time in Rajasthan while inaugurating its fourth clinic in Bangalore.

With the launch of the clinic, the brand aspires to improve accessibility to hearing loss treatment by creating a vast network for retail distribution. As part of the ambitious initiative, it made a conscious decision to come up with clinic in Jaipur and Bangalore to tap the vast elderly population residing in the city. In order to achieve this purpose, HearClear aims to strengthen its foothold in the regions to open the gateway for a range of comprehensive services entailing hearing testing and after sale services where patients can easily avail reprogramming and finetuning of devices from the facilities.

To further fortify its reach, the brand plans to foster mergers and partnerships with leading welfare associations in the cities to create awareness around the importance of hearing care after a certain age and highlight the imperative role of regular testing and checkups to defer cases of hearing impairment among the elders. Along with this, the clinic is well supported to provide services at home, where it enables testing with the help of expert audiologists who come with the proficiency to provide holistic consulting advice to consumers.

Ecstatic on the occasion, Vineet Narang, the Founder & Managing Director of HearClear India said, “The inauguration of the new clinic is another milestone achieved, serving as a testament to our commitment to enhancing hearing abilities, especially among elders. It will ease the process of getting an appointment with the specialist, fortifying the capability to provide a strong diagnostic facility, along with tech-enabled audiology solutions and 5-star clinical solutions.”
Speaking on the occasion, Jagganath Raut, Founder of 2050 Healthcare said, “We are thrilled to unveil the introduction of HearClear in our facility in Bangalore. This allows us to further enhance our offerings by including professional hearing care services under our roof. We look forward to collaborating with HearClear to raise awareness about hearing health and make hearing care more accessible. With HearClear‘s expertise, we are well-positioned to cater to the needs of our clientele, ensuring they receive the utmost care and attention they deserve.”
Elaborating on the same, Harsh Kumar Singh, Chief Operating Officer of Emoha Elder Care, said,Launch of HearClear in Jaipur is a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership with HearClear. I’m excited about the opportunity to extend professional hearing care services to the elders we serve in Jaipur. With HearClear‘s expertise, we can now offer our community access to quality care at an affordable price point. Together, we are dedicated to raising awareness about hearing health and ensuring our seniors receive the support they need.”
HearClear specializes in the treatment of auditory impairment while focusing on comprehensive rehabilitation services comprising hearing aid trials, dispensing, speech therapy, and Vestibular rehabilitation. It is proficient at conducting advanced audiological diagnosis entailing PTA, Impedance, OAE, BERA, VNG along with hearing test at home.

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