Honouring the Best: Promax India Regional 2024 Awards Recognize Industry Leaders

29th April 2024: The Promax India Regional 2024 Awards journeyed through a whirlwind of inspiration, innovation, and celebration, culminating in a spectacular event that unfolded on April 25th, 2024. Presented by Promax Asia, the highly anticipated awards ceremony brought together the entertainment industry’s trailblazers, innovators, and visionaries for an unforgettable evening. Honouring outstanding achievements in entertainment promotion, marketing, and design, the Promax India 2024 Awards recognised those who pushed the boundaries of creativity and storytelling.

Creative minds, visionaries, and industry leaders showcased their best work, insights, and inspirations across various categories, including ‘Best Drama Promo,’ ‘Best Brand Image,’ ‘Best Original Music/Score,’ ‘Best Social Media Campaign,’ ‘Best Entertainment Promo – Above 60 Seconds,’ and ‘Best Directing – 60 Seconds or Less,’ among others. From captivating brand campaigns to engaging promos, the event celebrated the best of the best, igniting viewers into fans and driving bottom-line results for media companies across the region.

The event streamed live on Promax India’s official Facebook page at 4:00 PM IST on April 25th. With fierce competition across multiple judging categories, the winners emerged as true champions of their craft. The Promax India Regional 2024 Awards were broadcast live on Facebook, providing a global platform for enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders to come together and celebrate the achievements that shape the future of entertainment marketing and design.

Shemaroo Entertainment claimed the spotlight as the night’s biggest winner, securing 12 Gold and 6 Silver awards. Following closely behind were Disney Star with 5 Gold and 6 Silver awards, along with Colors Bangla and various Zee regional channels such as Zee Biskope, Zee Bangla, and Zee Tamil, among others, clinching multiple awards for their exceptional work.

Andy Chua, Conference Director of Promax Asia said, “In the dynamic landscape of regional entertainment, the Promax India Regional 2024 Awards serve as a beacon of excellence, spotlighting the remarkable talent and creativity that drives our industry forward. Each entry represents a story, a vision, and a testament to the power of storytelling. We are honoured to witness the evolution of regional markets and to celebrate the outstanding achievements that continue to shape the future of entertainment marketing and design.”

The event celebrated the best in regional entertainment, where participants showcased unparalleled creativity and innovation. With its increasing popularity over the years, the Promax India Regional Awards have witnessed a significant rise in participants, signalling a promising future for the regional entertainment industry. Promax India looks forward to continuing its support and recognition of talent in the years to come.

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