HOOVU’s new packaging celebrates the joy of puja through Panchboota and Mudras

HOOVU’s new packaging celebrates the joy of puja through Panchboota and MudrasBengaluru, June 3rd, 2024″ Hoovu, a brand dedicated to enhancing the Puja experience, has launched its new agarbatti packaging. Hoovu aims to enrich Puja rooms and rituals of its customers pan India, via this new vibrant range.  The new Hoovu packaging brings the concept of the ‘Panchboota’ (The Five Elements’) to life.

The brand has collaborated with Stratedgy, a leading brand strategy and design studio. The Hoovu team was clear on their brief – to bring forward the joy of Puja through this effort and continue to deepen its appeal amongst its God-loving patrons.

Employing a maximalist approach, the packaging is adorned with motifs inspired from Gopuram temple structures and uses a starkly vibrant color system.

One of the key considerations in the redesign was the sensitivity around using images of Gods or Goddesses on the packaging. Recognizing that many users find it uncomfortable to discard packaging bearing sacred images, Stratedgy has chosen to feature Mudras that represent each of the five elements instead. These symbolic hand gestures serve as a respectful and meaningful alternative.

For instance, the Vaayu Mudra, which symbolizes air, is used on Hoovu’s incense products. This choice signifies the role of vaayu, (air)  in carrying the prayers of devotees to the divine.

Krupa Sheth Kapadia, Creative Director at Stratedgy said, “Working with Hoovu on this project has been an incredible journey. The collaboration with Hoovu allowed us to conduct insightful consumer immersions, to finally create a unique and respectful packaging system  that resonates with devotees on a deeper level.”

Rhea Karuturi, Co-Founder and CTO of Hoovu, expressed her enthusiasm: “We’ve been on a journey to bring a fresh take to our beautiful, but sometimes forgotten or overlooked, traditions. This meant bringing the joy back to Puja and we hope to do that with this collection! It was great to work with Stratedgy because they understood our vision and helped take it to another level.”

With this innovative packaging, Stratedgy and Hoovu continue to honour tradition while creating an engaging Puja experience for modern believers.

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