How to Power Quick Nap at Work

How to Power Quick Nap at WorkHyderabad, May 17, 2024: If you want to catch up with a quick nap at your workplaces, what are the options available to you? Not many to be frank. But here is a way out to Power Qquick Nap at Work, the Urban Nap, on display at TFMC(Telangana Facility Management Council)’s 10th National Summit 2024 at the Address Convention at Narsingi.

It is a nap pad displayed by SPICA at the Summit. It is a unique corporate wellness initiative. It helps in improving human productivity and wellness, added the company representative.
Employers globally are realizing that considerable cost is attached to the sub-optimum work coming through stressed & fatigued staff.

A well-rested brain is pivotal to a day of efficient and high-standard work. Napping in the workplace is now proven to have putative benefits on work efficiency & staff well-being.

The pad which costs Rs 7.5 lakh and is also available on a monthly rent of Rs 30,000/- has Zero Gravity Seat, Gentle Back Massage, Oxygen Therapy, Meditation Music, Ventilated Seat, Fresh Air Inlet, Timed Waking, Mobile App Booking.

An afternoon power nap can recharge your body and mind—providing you with the needed energy to tackle the second half of your day, said Satyanarayana Mathala, President of TFMC.
It is a wonderful wellness device, that every corporate house, railway station, bus stand, and airport must have.

A 10- to 20-minute afternoon power nap can improve your concentration and sharpen your motor skills

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