India Celebrates National Technology Day: A Salute to Innovation

India Celebrates National Technology Day: A Salute to Innovation

By Sujata Muguda, Shreyas WebMedia Solutions

10/5/2024: India erupts with excitement every year on May 11th in honor of National Technology Day. On this day, we honor not just one unique event but also the country’s persistent spirit of invention and the outstanding scientific advancements it has made. On this day, we pay tribute to the bright minds—scientists, engineers, and researchers—who have influenced India’s technological development.

The day itself marks the anniversary of the Pokhran nuclear tests conducted in 1998, a pivotal moment that showcased India’s growing scientific prowess. More importantly, National Technology Day signifies the nation’s journey towards self-reliance and the power of technological sovereignty.

The theme for National Technology Day often centers around igniting the spark of innovation and inspiring young minds to become active participants in India’s technological growth. It serves as a beacon, urging them to dream big and contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving field of science and technology. To nurture this spirit, the government, educational institutions, and various organizations organize a vibrant array of events – seminars, workshops, and exhibitions – showcasing the latest advancements and sparking discussions on future trends.

However, National Technology Day transcends mere celebration. It’s a powerful reminder of the critical role technology plays in driving economic growth, especially in today’s rapidly changing world. From revolutionizing agriculture to propelling us towards space exploration, technology is the backbone of progress in every sector. Recognizing this, India, with its immense pool of talent and resources, has made significant strides in fields like information technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and defense.

Looking beyond the present, National Technology Day serves as a springboard for the future. It’s a call to embrace emerging technologies that hold the key to solving the challenges of our times and those to come. Renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and digital infrastructure are just a few areas where India is making its mark on the global stage.

But with great power comes great responsibility. National Technology Day also underscores the importance of utilizing technology ethically and sustainably. As we forge ahead, it’s paramount to ensure that technology empowers all sections of society, bridging the digital divide rather than widening it. Inclusion, accessibility, and affordability must be the guiding principles shaping our technological endeavors.

National Technology Day is essentially a potent celebration of India’s steadfast dedication to innovation and scientific brilliance. It’s a day to honor the past, motivate the present and future generations, and commit to using technology to advance humanity. As we celebrate this day, let’s remember the people who have paved the path with their unwavering efforts and lend our support to the visionaries who will lead us into a future where technology will continue to improve our lives in many ways. Innovation will always be a driving force behind teamwork and the creation of a sustainable and prosperous future for all. Greetings on National Technology Day!

“On this World Technology Day, we celebrate the constant influx of new technologies and harness the transformative potential of innovation to elevate the supply chain industry. With India’s internet economy poised to surge sixfold to $1 trillion and B2B e-commerce ranking second among the fastest-growing segments, we anticipate a remarkable future for the supply chain sector. Technology not only empowers us but also equips us to address minute-scale challenges. Our commitment to progress fuels us to leverage digital solutions, promote sustainability, and boost efficiency throughout the supply chain ecosystem, embracing advanced solutions with enthusiasm.” Mr. Santhosh Reddy, CTO and Co-Founder, ShakeDeal

‘’Investing in climate-tech today means embracing a spectrum of advanced technologies, from high-efficiency solar panels and wind turbines to innovative energy storage and carbon capture solutions. The sector’s growth, driven by developments in smart grids, electric vehicles, and precision agriculture, highlights the essential role of interdisciplinary collaboration in tackling the intricate challenges of climate change.’’ Mr. Sandiip Bhammer, Founder & Co-Managing Partner, Green Frontier Capital

‘’The on-demand private aviation industry has benefited greatly from the application of digital technologies that create online marketplaces matching available aircraft with demand. This has made matching demand to supply much more efficient, as charter sellers and brokers can see and book available aircraft more efficiently, delivering a better service to customers and often achieving a better price. For operators this also means that higher utilization rates can be achieved on their aircraft, and more quickly identifying customers looking for an available aircraft. This benefit extends to the sale of empty legs – positioning flights that would otherwise fly empty and not generating revenue – as a match can be found with a customer looking to fly that route on that day. The use of mobile phone apps, such as JetSetGo’s JetSteals app, enables customers to quickly access these available flights and book it from the app to get the best deal.

This is just one of the benefits of digitisation in the private jet sector, that is increasing value for customers whilst at the same time driving up utilization rates and better sales results for operators and brokers.’’


‘’Excelling in the EdTech industry one must be adept with 4 key Mr. Jonathan Sumner, Chief Strategy Officer, JetSetGotechnology stacks – Metaverse (a collection of 12 underlying technologies like AR and VR), Generative AI, Database Tools and Design Management Tools. A combination of these technologies will enable the right skill set to be successful in different EdTech career streams areas like – Academics, Student Counseling, Digital Marketing, Content Development, Assessments and Student Support.’’ Mr. Jaideep Kewalrmani, COO & Head of Employability Business, TeamLease Edtech

‘’Sportstech revolutionizes performance analysis by placing data at its core. With advanced analytics algorithms, it dissects every movement, unveiling unprecedented insights. Biomechanical assessments and predictive modeling are just a glimpse of the cutting-edge technology that equips coaches and athletes with the competitive edge to outsmart opponents and shatter records.Sportstech is not only about enhancing performance but also about making sports accessible to everyone. Virtual coaching platforms connect aspiring athletes with world-class trainers, regardless of geographic barriers. Interactive training apps empower enthusiasts of all levels to hone their skills anytime, anywhere. Through technology, we’re leveling the playing field and fostering a global community bound by a shared love for the sport. Outside the arena, Sportstech is revolutionizing the fan experience. Augmented reality overlays breathe life into stadiums, offering spectators immersive insights and interactive content. Social media platforms serve as virtual bleachers, uniting fans from all corners of the world and amplifying the thrill of the game. As pioneers in Sportstech, we’re at the forefront of athleticism and innovation, driven by a collective desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Together, we’re not just shaping the future of sport but redefining the essence of competition, championing a spirit of collaboration and shared success.’’ Mr. Sudeep Kulkarni, Founder & CEO, Game Theory

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been steadfast allies in the ever changing field of technology, influencing industries for decades. Still, their impact is about to go beyond historical limits. These technologies will advance to previously unheard-of levels in the future, transforming industries like banking with sophisticated ERP systems that can effectively prevent fraud. Initiatives dubbed “Tech on Top” will surface, shedding light on the critical role that AI and ML play in modern industries. Businesses must negotiate the complexities of a digitally driven environment, making an understanding of these critical technologies essential to their success going forward. By utilizing AI and ML, processes may be optimized while also realizing unrealized potential, tailoring the curriculum to individual needs, and optimizing learning outcomes worldwide. That will drive future innovation and competitiveness to unprecedented levels. Mr. Darshil Shah Director of TreadBinary Technologies Pvt. Ltd

‘’Tech on Top is the ultimate guide for tech professionals navigating today’s dynamic landscape of innovation. It goes beyond being a mere app; it’s a vital resource equipping professionals with the latest updates and comprehensive coverage essential for success. In an era where gig workers need to stay ahead in technology, Tech on Top ensures they harness advancements to enhance skills and seize new earning opportunities. From biotech to blockchain, IoT to AI, this platform offers unparalleled access to emerging trends. It’s not just about knowing tech trends; Tech on Top also provides guidance on what it takes to thrive in the tech industry. Join us in embracing the future of industry, where knowledge is indispensable for shaping tomorrow’s marketplaces.’’ Mr. Mahesh Kumar, Co-Founder, CTO, Gigin Technologies

‘’The travel industry, once guided by human hands and traditional practices, now finds its compass recalibrated by the algorithms and predictive powers of artificial intelligence. From crafting bespoke getaways at the click of a button to optimizing the nuts and bolts of travel operations, AI is proving to be the ultimate upgrade in our global voyage. Modern day Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are at the forefront of this transformation, harnessing the magic of AI to enhance every aspect of the travel experience. They are not only pioneers in adopting cutting-edge technology but are also setting the pace for the future, ensuring that as we step into new eras of travel, they remain the leaders in innovation and customer satisfaction. So, the next time you find yourself breezing through booking flights or receiving travel suggestions that seem to read your mind, remember—it’s not magic, it’s just AI and the OTAs making sure your travel is as seamless as your last online order.’’ Mr. Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder, EaseMyTrip

‘’On this occasion of World Technology Day, it’s tempting for us to reconcile to the notion that it’s only a matter of time before AI/ML swoops in and takes jobs away. However, this is just the latest in a long line of technological advancements that we humans have affected over the ages. And each iteration has rendered certain jobs redundant, transformed the rest, and created new jobs too. And AI/ML would be no different. It has the potential to lift the living standards of employees at the bottom of the pyramid by substantially improving their productivity and thereby making a case for increasing their wages too. This has already started playing out in some scenarios. For instance, distributor salespeople in the FMCG ecosystem are now being empowered by AI/ML tech in their apps, which uses big data to make smart suggestions on which SKUs to position in which outlets, raising their productivity exponentially. Cab aggregator apps are now able to send nudges to drivers based on which hotspots they predict to be spiking in demand and when. In short, technology mitigates the hand of randomness and helps us make sharper, better informed decisions. It won’t be a stretch to say that technology has been the single biggest catalyst in our evolution as a species, and will continue to be. And that is something worth celebrating!’’ Mr. Balasubramanian A, VP and Business Head at TeamLease Services

“In 2024, retail is evolving towards hyper-personalization and seamless omnichannel experiences driven by data analytics and customer-centric strategies. With 48% of consumers expecting personalized recommendations, businesses leverage CRM and loyalty software to analyze customer data securely and offer tailored recommendations and promotions. Integrating eStore solutions with business software enhances the omnichannel experience, incorporating features like click-and-collect and unified loyalty programs. Voice commerce is rising, with 25% of consumers using voice assistants for shopping. Retailers are integrating voice search and purchase options into their platforms to cater to this trend. Data-driven decision-making, cybersecurity, sustainability initiatives, and talent development are also crucial focus areas, ensuring personalized service, building trust through transparent data practices, resonating with eco-conscious consumers, and investing in tech-savvy talent capable of managing innovative strategies in the digital retail landscape.” Mr. Varun Tangri, CEO & Founder, QueueBuster POS

“Technological advancements have completely transformed the healthcare industry through profound research and promising opportunities. These innovations are enabling healthcare professionals with digital tools that ensure precision in diagnosis, continuous monitoring, and accurate treatment thus enhancing healthcare outcomes for patients.The troubles in accessing quality healthcare have perished with the advent of social media and digital platforms that provide the provision of teleconsultation, bridging the barriers to healthcare access. Medical services can now be conveniently booked within a fraction of a second through online platforms and doorstep services enjoyed at affordable rates. Big data stored online allows doctors to view patients’ medical history with a click of a button, continuously monitor their progress, provide personalized guidance, and make informed decisions, empowering them with good health.Clinical decision support systems have reduced errors in disease interpretation through evidence-based and patient-centric information, aiding doctors with insights that help them chart personalized wellness plans for enhanced patient care. Integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into healthcare has facilitated tools and gadgets that keep track of patients’ health parameters, providing prompt indications so that health emergencies can be managed timely. Technology is bound to bring transformation into healthcare in the coming years, and aligning with it will help pave the path toward a healthier nation. While understanding this, it is essential to keep in mind the challenges that it may pose and provide training to medical professionals in dealing with tech tools, patients, and medical records with paramount care and integrity.” Dr. Mayanka Lodha Seth, Chief Pathologist, Redcliffe Labs.

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