India’s AI Startups For Tackling Productivity Challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming businesses worldwide, and India is emerging as a major hub of innovative AI startups. These homegrown companies are pioneering the application of AI across diverse sectors and solving some of the most pressing concerns regarding productivity. Workers use a minimum of 11 tools in 2023 as opposed to five in 2019. As organisations continue to adopt new technologies like generative AI, employees struggle to keep up with tool sprawl. In fact, 47% say they struggle to find the data they need to perform tasks efficiently and 36% missed or failed to notice important updates because of the number of applications used and/or the volume of information produced on them. Additionally, employees are often caught up doing mundane, repetitive tasks and have less time to focus on innovation, driving down productivity.  

However, these Indian startups are on their way to ironing out the country’s impediments to productivity, helping businesses drive real value from their investments.

In 2025, Yellow Messenger developed a location-based messaging platform, enabling users to find nearby businesses and engage with them in real time. Today,’s generative AI chatbots automate routine tasks, freeing up time for employees to focus on more complex and strategic activities. It can handle a large volume of interactions, allowing businesses to scale quickly. The company’s dynamic automation platform can analyse massive chunks of data and offer better insights to make informed decisions. With its predictive abilities, it can visualise customer behaviour and preferences. 


What started off as an AI AI Travel Expert has now led this Bengaluru-based startup to creating India’s first AI workforce. KOGO OS is disrupting the AI market with its AI operating system that is built on large action models. While the world was caught up in the hype of generative AI, KOGO was focused on creating an operating system that could knock OpenAI’s ChatGPT out of the park. KOGO OS is revolutionary with its capacity to perform complex, real-world tasks. It helps businesses create hundreds of ready-to-use AI assistants for industries like travel and mobility, retail and e-commerce, business and manufacturing, finance and banking, health and insurance, and productivity

These assistants are like modular building blocks that can work by themselves or with each other to execute complex tasks in dynamic environments. They can comprehend human intent and mirror the company’s tone and voice, with in-built topical guardrails to ensure adherence to company values. It is also built with enterprise-grade security and continuously monitors AI actions.

CoRover is a home-grown human-centric conversational AI platform and offers various benefits such as increasing lead conversion rates, boosting sales, saving costs, streamlining support activities, and enhancing customer experience. The company’s CoroAssist, a secure GenAI Information Retrieval System, is designed to boost productivity and improve operational efficiency. CoroAssist leverages a state-of-the-art LLM-based RAG framework, enabling swift retrieval of accurate, real-time information from reliable sources.

It provides optimised decision-making tools, preventing reputational, compliance, and financial losses due to a lack of knowledge and timely information, It caters to a wide range of sectors including banking, healthcare, education, compliance/governance, and more. 

Velocity AI

Velocity AI is the convergence of Generative AI and sales acumen and is among the top solutions that help boost productivity of any businesses’ sales team. It provides sales teams with real-time guidance, Follows conversations and dynamically updates custom checklists, captures every nuance of the deal and updates customer relationship management teams. Every conversation is analysed and instantly transformed into a suitable follow-up email. Most importantly, it instantly identifies sales cycle bottlenecks and crafts strategies to mitigate against deal loss. 

Krutrim AI

Krutrim AI is a large language model (LLM) similar to ChatGPT or Gemini. The chatbot is available in a basic model and can generate responses in 10 ten languages including English and Hindi. Krutrim says its LLM outperforms GPT-4 when it comes to performance in Indian languages. 

This platform aims to empower consumers, startups, enterprises and scientists across India and the world to boost productivity, and build their end AI applications or AI models. Krutrim is also developing AI training and inference platforms that enable AI research and development across industry domains. 

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