Industrial Powerhouse TEMBO Global Industries Ltd. Unveils Impressive Q4 2024 Financial Performance

TEMBO Global Industries, a formidable force in the industrial sector renowned for its expertise in manufacturing and fabricating metal products essential for Pipe Support Systems, Fasteners, Anchors, HVAC, Anti-Vibration Systems, and various industrial, commercial, utility, and OEM installations, is pleased to unveil its outstanding financial performance for the initial quarter of 2024. Additionally, the company actively participates in the trading of metal products associated with its core manufacturing operations and textiles. TEMBO operates as an export-oriented entity, holding prestigious Star Export House certification.

Furthermore, the company has procured a land parcel of 3.32 acres in Vasai for the expansion of its manufacturing facility, aiming to increase capacity by 4-5 times compared to the existing capacity. The expansion project is currently underway and is scheduled to be commissioned during the current financial year. In 2023, the company ventured into the EPC contract business and secured orders from prominent entities such as Kalpataru, L&T, Tata projects, RDC-Maldives, etc., amounting to Rs 300.00 Cr.

Key Highlights:

  • Consolidated Performance:
    • Income from Operations: Reached Rs. 43,207.85 Lakhs for the year ended March 31, 2024, indicating a significant expansion in revenue streams.
    • Profit for the Year: Surged to Rs. 1,420.78 Lakhs, underlining the company’s ability to deliver sustained profitability and value generation.
    • Earnings Per Share (EPS): Basic EPS for the year was Rs. 12.70, and diluted EPS was Rs. 10.46, reflecting strong financial fundamentals and growth prospects.

Commenting on the performance Mr. Sanjay Patel, Managing Director of Tembo Global Industries Ltd.:

“At Tembo Global Industries Ltd., we’re thrilled to announce our impressive consolidated performance for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024. Our Income from Operations soared to Rs. 43,207.85 Lakhs, signifying a substantial expansion in revenue streams. Furthermore, our Profit for the Year surged to Rs. 1,420.78 Lakhs, highlighting our unwavering commitment to delivering sustained profitability and value generation. The robust financial fundamentals are evident in our Basic EPS of Rs. 12.70 and diluted EPS of Rs. 10.46, showcasing our strong growth prospects. This remarkable performance underscores our dedication to excellence and positions us for continued success in navigating the dynamic landscape of the engineering sector. We’re excited about the opportunities ahead and remain steadfast in our mission to drive growth and innovation while delivering value to our stakeholders.”

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