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Aneesh Jain l Founder l Gram Unnati

Aneesh Jain l Founder l Gram UnnatiAneesh Jain is the founder of Four Leaf Clover (operating under the brand name ‘Gram Unnati’), a DPIIT-recognised agri value chain services company that aims at bridging major value gaps between institutional buyers and marginal farmers. Aneesh is a computer science engineer from IIT Kharagpur. He has over 13 years of experience in management consulting and social entrepreneurship, having worked with the likes of McKinsey, TechnoServe, IFC, and IFAD.

 Gram Unnati was incorporated in 2013 to provide i) crop advisory services, ii) access to high-quality agricultural inputs at low cost and iii) market linkages to marginal farmers along with iv) customized production, logistics and end-to-end quality control of agri-produce to institutional buyers.

 In 2009, Aneesh was introduced to the development sector through a Gates Foundation-funded project in Rajasthan. It was during his stint with the project that he understood the plight of the farmers and how the entire supply chain was suffering from value traps, leading to high cost-low yields for farmers and concerns around produce quality and traceability for buyers. Realizing the desperation of the industry, he started working towards creating a platform for innovating the structural nuances and effectively unlocking higher values for both the industry as well as the masses.

 Aneesh has always envisioned a future where the agriculture sector, the largest provider of the livelihood with 60% of the country’s population depending on it, is better organized with minimal supply chain bottlenecks. Through Gram Unnati, he aspires to help every marginal farmer in understanding and producing as per the requirements of the industry, thereby enabling efficient engagement between the industry and the farmers.

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